Forever Rose, Hilary McKay

They are turning into the sort of people I used to call Grown Up and I cannot stop them although I would if I could. I would slow them down anyway. Sometimes I want to shout “Wait for me! Wait for me!”

Like I did when I was little and they walked too fast.

They always turned back then, however much of a hurry they were in, but I do not think they can turn back now.

So I do understand.

Oh, excellent book! Even though it made me a little sad, because it is the last in the series, and because Rose is sad and lonely for a tremendous portion of Forever Rose, and probably because I am growing up much too fast myself and graduating frighteningly from college quite soon.


It is my considered opinion that Hilary McKay should be much more popular in America than indeed she is, because her books are really charming and clever and funny and friendly. I stumbled on Saffy’s Angel while nosing around Amazon trying to find another smallish book to get my mother for Christmas, and I can really only shake my head in amazement at my good fortune, because the library had it (so I checked it out and screened it), and the bookshop had it (so I bought it and wrapped it and gave it to Mumsy), and then there were four more, eventually. Four. That’s lucky.

Forever Rose starts out sad. Everyone is gone. Caddy is gone and won’t say what happened to Michael, and Indigo has a job, and Saffron has lots of classes, and Tom is in New York and Eve is in her shed and Bill is in London and Michael is back in town and won’t look at Rose when he sees her in the street. That makes me sad just to contemplate. (Michael’s last name, incidentally, is Cadogen. Who knew?) Besides which her teacher is canceling Christmas and David is having a Crisis and her boring friend Molly has a mysterious idea she won’t tell anyone about.

But I liked it a lot, even if the ending was just the tiniest teeny bit too neat (ha, literally), because I like happy endings particularly when they are the endings of friendly books like these ones about the Cassons. And of course I will always read it again. Probably out loud to my future children.

I must also say that this book came to me via a very long and circuitous system of transport of my aunt and uncle’s friends. My aunt Gina, who is good at getting things, arranged for someone in England to buy Forever Rose (it not being out yet in America), and that person brought it to New York and handed it off to someone else and they handed it off to someone else and then to someone else and finally back to Gina. And then me. For Christmas. That’s a lot of labor, and I was much less inventive when helping my father buy it for my mother.

P.S. My mother says that if Forever Rose had not already been wrapped when it reached her, she would have read it. That made me feel much less guilty about reading the copy that I ordered for Daddy to give her, so I confessed all. I had been feeling quite guilty about it actually, but I had to, because it was right there, in my room, so eminently desirable, and I didn’t think I’d be getting it for Christmas myself! and normally I only read books I’m giving as gifts to Indie Sister or my very clever friend because I know they do the same with gifts to me and it’s fine, but I simply could not resist.



I knew she was preggers!

11 thoughts on “Forever Rose, Hilary McKay

  1. can you please tell me if caddy will end up marrying michael in forever rose and saffy with oscar and indigo with [?] and rose with tom?

    • I’m going to really tell you, so if you didn’t actually want to know, stop reading! Yes, Caddy marries Michael; Saffy and Oscar are still quite young, but Oscar does stick around. Indigo and Sarah are together at the close of the book, and of course Rose is not even a teenager and doesn’t marry anyone. 🙂

  2. I found this at a charity shop the other day, and I finished Caddy Ever After yesterday, so I’ll be reading it very very soon 😀 And then I’ll cry because there are no more Casson family books. I’ve just accidentally read the spoiler in the comment above, but I don’t much care 😛

    • Also, the reason why I’m commenting on this ancient post is because Google Reader decided to pretend it was new. But it turns out I’d missed it before, so it’s okay, right? 😛

  3. I have not read any of these books, but I am really starting to think that I am missing something great. Your review of this one and the wonderful lengths you went to to obtain it really speak to me, and I am going to be grabbing them when I can.

  4. This is all completely news to me, but I am always prepared to like what you like. Oh and like Nymeth I hadn’t realised how old this post was, but it’s come up in my google reader too. Well, it’s always time to learn about the good stuff.

  5. hi I’m 11 and I’ve read all the Casson family series except for caddy’s world which I’m just about to start. I’m going to see Hilary McKay at the Hay on Wye book festival eek! but anyway the point is once I’ve finished Caddy’s World I don’t know what to read please recommend a similar book. there really good read them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, Lucy! I’m very jealous that you get to read Caddy’s World so soon — it’s not out in America yet! I hope you have a great time seeing Hilary McKay, as she sounds like a lovely person. Have you seen her website, where she keeps a blog for Rose?

      If you can’t find the links to the old blog (it’s been going on since 2008), let me know and I will email the old blog to you. 🙂 Also, have you read A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett? Hilary McKay wrote a very good sequel to it called Wishing for Tomorrow.

      For other books, have you read anything by Diana Wynne Jones? She’s one of my favorite authors! Try Charmed Life and see what you think. 🙂

  6. I would really like to get a copy of Rose’s Blog, I went to search for it on Hilary McKay’s website, and only the most recent ones are there.

  7. Yay i submited the most recent comment. Anyways im 12, and read all the casson books except caddy ever after. Cuz my local libary dosent have it im totally bummed!!!my fave is forever rose,

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