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  1. Hi Jenny,
    thanks for your comment about my book. I agree with you about lions being magnificent. Crocodiles, whilst nt as magestic as many of their African compatriots, are now farmed for their meat and skins. They were on the CITES list of endangered animals prior to the farming enterprise. It has however been so successful that they are now off that list and the stocks of crocodiles, both wild and farmed are more than adequate.
    The value therefore of these animals is, besides being magnificent in their own way, their commercial value. For this reason they attract the attention of specialized vets who care for the well-being of the entire farm (almost like a flock of birds). It is unusual for an individual animal to receive care. By the time a large crocodile is perceived as being sick it is too late to do anything about it usually
    I find it somewhat sad that unless an animal is either popular (lions elephants etc) or has a commercial value (crocodiles), it may not make it on to the CITES list (eg Wild dogs that are extremely threatened have only made it recently on to CITES because people did not like the way they hunted- too savage and cruel)
    Once again thank you for reading and commenting on my book. I am more than happy to field questions and to try and shed light (if possible) wherever I can.
    With warm regards
    Roy Aronson

    • Dr Aronson, thank you for stopping by! I was only joking about not saving crocodiles — of course all animals are tremendously worth saving given how much damage humans do to the natural world. That’s fascinating (and terrible) about the wild dogs, though not surprising. People so love anthropomorphizing animals.

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