Diana Wynne Jones Week begins

To kick off Diana Wynne Jones Week, I am holding a giveaway. I will be picking two winners, each of whom can select up to $20 worth of Diana Wynne Jones’s books from The Book Depository. The giveaway is open internationally, but make sure that you live in a country where The Book Depository ships.

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me which book or books you would like to win and why. If you post a review or other celebration of Diana Wynne Jones on your blog this week, you may leave an additional comment with the links to those posts, and it will get you an extra entry. This is because I am afraid I will miss your posts when I am doing round-ups, leave your link out, and mortally offend you; and I am hoping that you will do my work for me if I incentivize it. Make sure to leave a working email address where I can contact you if you win.

(For those on time-limited book-buying bans, I am perfectly willing to delay sending your books to you; although you do run the risk that they will suddenly become out of print and you will be out of luck. Also you will have to remember to let me know when you are able to receive books again.)

This giveaway is open until midnight on Saturday. Failing some sort of computer or packing meltdown, I will pick the two winners on Sunday. If you do not know which books to pick, I refer you here and here, as I have said a few things about a number (but not all) of Diana Wynne Jones’s books and what they are about. (Fire and Hemlock is out of print. I am sorry about that. If I could make it be constantly in print using the strength of my will, I’d do it.) Also, you are not bound by what you say in the comments. If you say you want Witch Week and Enchanted Glass, and then find that actually you want Time of the Ghost and The Crown of Dalemark, that will be fine.

Yay! I am excited that this week is here at last!