The Wednesday Sisters, Meg Waite Clayton

This is another one of those I’ve read about on several different websites. Trish’s book blog, Caribousmom, SassyMonkey … probably more, but those are the ones I remember. Everyone kept saying how good it was, but the library hadn’t got it in, and I didn’t like Language of Light enough to finish it, so I put off reading it. The Wednesday Sisters is all about five women in the sixties (then seventies) who become very close friends and form a writing group. Which isn’t doing it justice, because there’s more to it than that, but that’s the gist.

There are things that could be changed for the better, yes. Sometimes there are weird, jarring shifts in point of view, that don’t seem to be happening to any reason except that it became inconvenient for Ms. Clayton that Frankie couldn’t read the minds of her other friends. And I found it annoying that the narrator kept constantly pausing and making little nods to the twenty-first century, like, Back then we didn’t even think of divorce as an option! I know it’s true, and it didn’t bug me the first several times, but after a while I wished she’d quit it.

On the other hand, I found myself surprisingly addicted to this book. For a book that isn’t big on actiony action (it’s more, you know, emotional things going on), it was quite engrossing. Every time I found myself doing something that was not reading The Wednesday Sisters, I got really cranky like when a baby gets fussy, and I kept thinking, Why am I not reading The Wednesday Sisters right now? This is so stupid, I don’t want to do this, I want to read The Wednesday Sisters some more so I can be contented.

So yup, I liked it a lot.