Better than Running at Night, Hilary Frank (not properly reviewed because I have news!)

This YA novel, which the lovely trapunto recommended me, is all about going off and doing a new thing (art school), and meeting new people (art people), and growing up.  It explores that opening-up of choices that happens when you leave home, when your world gets bigger in good ways and in bad, and because it is bigger it is hard to navigate.  Growing up into adulthood has turned out to be way more difficult than I anticipated as a kid.  Because I remember when I was little, and grown-ups would go on and on about how I didn’t know how good I had it being a kid, I’d think, Yes, yes, I do too.  I have it very good.  It is fun to be me.  But, see, no.  I was wrong to think they were wrong.  I was going on the fact that I liked childhood.  I completely failed to factor into my calculations that ADULTHOOD SUCKS.

I feel like that wasn’t where I meant to go with this.  I feel like I was heading in a different direction.  Oh, that’s right, I was aiming for hope and possibility.  Missed it by a hair.  On to hope and possibility:

I applied for, and then got, a summer internship!  In the editorial department of an Impressive Academic Press!  Won’t that be good?  I love editing.  I will learn all sorts of new things.  My big sister lives in the Impressive Academic Town where I will be living, which is exciting because she and I have not had high quality extended bonding time for, like, years.  We’re going to get hooked on Damages (it’s about lawyers, Anna!  I am sure we will love it!), and build pillow forts, and see Eclipse, and then, you know, we’ll talk about our goals and dreams and the Supreme Court nominee.  Because that’s what sister bonding is all about.