There’s a movie of Midnight’s Children and that’s happening right now and I never knew?

DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS AND DIDN’T TELL ME! I swear to God, bloggy friends. Did you know about this and didn’t tell me? What did I do to you to make you neglect me this way? Was it that time I vanished for the whole summer? Cause…well, no, that’s very fair if so.

Salman Rushdie is not my favorite author (very few of his lady characters are interesting), although I like him a lot, and Midnight’s Children is not my favorite of his books, although I liked it a lot, but I am pretty excited about this movie. Salman Rushdie helped work on the script, and it’s an all-Indian cast, and it screened at the Toronto Film Festival and I have heard good things. Hooray! I’m excited!

Also, Iran tried to stop the film from getting made. Because of course.

Also, I’m posting this during the span of A More Diverse Universe and that is apt because Salman Rushdie writes fantasy novels (magic realism just has to accept itself for what it is), and he is an author of color. I did this on purpose and not at all because I just noticed this movie existed today.

Also, I went to the dentist recently and I don’t have any cavities. That’s unrelated to Salman Rushdie. I just wanted you to know.