Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true (isn’t it?)

I got a job! A really cool job that is exactly what I wanted! A job whose interview passed in such a way that upon getting the job, I had to sit down and think about all the life decisions I’ve made (learn Latin, go to college in Louisiana so as not to have debt, not go to grad school for library science), and gloat about what good decisions they all were. It’s very validating. I love it when people say “Jenny, you were right,” and it’s even that much better when it’s the universe saying “Jenny, you were right,” partly because the universe uses signs and wonders instead of words, and partly because, you know, the universe is bigger than people.

On the down side, I have to hastily leave my car, my family, my books, and (*sniff*) my puppy really really quickly and move to New York City with unbelievable speed and haste (i.e., before the end of next week). Cheerful adaptation to sudden change is not one of my best gifts, so I am rather stressed. However, soon I will be in New York, so good they named it twice, and when I introduce myself to people and they say “What do you do?” I will be able say “Oh, I am in publishing.”

Yay! Job-hunting was terrible, and I am so glad that it is over!

So anyway if I do not comment on your blogs very much in the next few days, do not think it is because I have stopped liking you. I haven’t! I am just busy doing things like renewing my driving license, getting texting on my phone, emailing my alumni association so I will have people to watch football with, and evaluating my clothes with an eye to living in a place that has actual winter instead of pretend Louisiana winter. (Fortunately I have a fantastically warm winter coat from Debenham’s that when you put it on it’s like snuggling down inside a toaster, except less burny.) If you post something amazing, or read a book you think I’d like, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I never do this when y’all want people to do this, because I’m shy, but I really hope y’all will be less shy, because I hate to miss out on cool books just because I am moving away.

Here is a picture of my puppy. If that were your puppy, would you not be heartbroken to leave her behind? Especially if she knew how to do high-fives with gusto, caught tennis balls on the bounce, and sometimes came over and rested her whole puppy head on your hand to indicate that she wanted to be petted?

P.S. I will miss my friends and family too OF COURSE more than I will miss the puppy. But I can talk to them on the phone and on Skype and by email and chatting, and I can’t do any of these things with the puppy. She can only give me a high five and try (in spite of being way too big now) to climb into my lap if I am present with her.

And now, a poll. I will be rather broke – fantastically broke actually – but I want a membership either to the Museum of Modern Art or the Met. People tend to answer “the Met” without reflection, so let me just mention that I love modern art, and a MOMA membership lets you bring guests for $5 instead of the usual $20. (This does not mean I prefer MOMA. I do not know what to prefer. I have never been to either one.) Which one’s better and why?