The second, third, and fourth Song of Ice and Fire books, (a prĂ©cis)

If you liked A Game of Thrones for its tight plotting and political machinations, you should like the sequels also. That is what I say. Martin’s writing does not make my heart sing, nor do his characters possess the depth and intricacy of, say, Chaim Potok’s. But my stars, the man can handle the plot. How his brain can contain all these plot strands is beyond me. I sometimes went slightly into character overload — the Dornishmen and the Iron Islands guys and particularly the gangs of scavengers were too many for me. When they get removed from their natural context I lose all ability to manage them. Take a Dornishman out of Dorne and transplant him to King’s Landing, and hell, I don’t know who the guy is anymore. But the plot keeps whisking me along anyway.

Sansa is going to save the day. Y’all should all be prepared for that. The day? In case you are worried about its fate? Don’t be! Sansa will save it! YES SHE WILL. When that happens you will all be staggered by my prescience and very very sorry that you ever doubted me and called Sansa a useless pansy. But I won’t be! I will have known all along. I will just say “I told you so” a lot of times until you are all sick of me. Four years later I am still saying “I told you so” about (HARRY POTTER SPOILERS UPCOMING) the fact that Snape knew Lily as a kid, which I deduced from Petunia saying “that awful boy” told Lily about dementors because I am a full-on genius.

Has anyone read A Dance with Dragons yet? If so, would you care to tell me in the comments, with spoiler alerts for those who do not want to know, of any particularly thrilling developments that develop? I already heard about the dragons being uncontrollableish.