The Veronica Mars movie is so happening

I know this doesn’t mean Firefly movie sequel, but every time I look at the Kickstarter page, I think, Does this mean Serenity can have a sequel?

If you haven’t yet, consider heading over to the fundraising page and donating a few bucks. Partly because you want a Veronica Mars movie — right? — but mostly because you want to live in a world where a smallish group of excited, happy people can make something delightful happen.

Uh, and if you haven’t watched Veronica Mars, you should get right on that. It’s got a nearly perfect first season. I don’t know why you wouldn’t watch it.

11 thoughts on “The Veronica Mars movie is so happening

  1. I helped! My whole family is very excited. As Eleanor put it (about noon yesterday), “if there is justice in this dark noir world VMars will get its Serenity moment.” And evidently, there is justice. Also, I like the phrase “Serenity moment.” EW ran an online poll yesterday about which other TV shows we would give money to see made, and one of the choices was another Firefly movie (and yes, of course I voted).

  2. I hadn’t ever watched Veronica Mars, and now I think I need to rectify this! If you are all excited about the movie, there has got to be something there!

  3. And… it must be a good idea! Now that the backlash negativity hate has come on so strong, only proves that it is valid and worthy of the promotion. I think it is cool. Yay to VMars!

  4. aw you guys all love Firefly so much. I think Joss has a devoted enough fanbase that could happen. But VM is the one I’ve really always wanted to see, so it makes me happy 🙂

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