2nd Annual DWJ March

More on this later, my dumplings, but for the moment I just wanted to alert those of you who don’t know: It is DWJ March once more! The lovely Kristen of We Be Reading is hosting. Readalongs of Howl’s Moving Castle and A Tale of Time City will be occurring in the first and second halves of March, respectively, so feel free to join in on that.

As for me, I will be doing the former but not the latter, because I have my copy of Howl’s Moving Castle with me in New York (duh, like I could ever live without Howl’s Moving Castle), while A Tale of Time City languishes in my parents’ house. Also because I don’t like A Tale of Time City that much.

(Yet, I’d like to say? But honestly, I think if I don’t love it by now I never will. Hexwood is the same. On the other hand, until 2010 I felt that way about The Time of the Ghost, which I’ve since reread a preposterous number of times to make sure it’s still good (it is).)

4 thoughts on “2nd Annual DWJ March

  1. I’m in France! I have no DWJ and no access to any until March 16! But I will join you after that. Not with the readalongs, probably, but with some DWJ I’ve never read before, which is sadly (or happily, if you look at it another way) plentiful. I think I’ll try to get a copy of Deep Secret and read it. Hooray hooray hooray, annual DWJ month! Thanks Other Jenny!

  2. I had to go click the link, couldn’t work out what DWJ stood for (though I’ve only heard of Howl’s Moving Castle so if I’d known the other one I might’ve figured it out.) Awesome idea for a reading month.

  3. I love love love my tag. 🙂 We’re in the Shrieking Shack so Z is having a heart attack at each new reveal. Then he made me skip forward to where it says what animagus James Potter was because he couldn’t figure out “Prongs”. (He guessed hedgehog which would be ADORABLE!)

    I am hoping to connect more with Time City this time through. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will. Jenny’s Law, you know.

  4. Oh, I LOVE ‘Hexwood’. It’s so clever and sweet and yet horrible (the bit where Mordion remembers how he was trained to be an assassin is heart-breaking). Not so keen on ‘A Tale of Time City’, though there are some great bits in it. I might have to do a DWJ re-read shortly. Maybe ‘The Game’ (which I’ve only read once) or ‘The Merlin Conspiracy’ (I love Roddy and Nick).

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