Happy holidays to all! (plus, some links to stuff I enjoyed!)

Well, my scrumptious darlings, I am going to take a little break from posting while all the holiday celebrations and debauchery are taking place. (NB: “Debauchery” is a joke. I am the least debauchery-prone person ever because I get tired quickly and need to head home to bed. But this year I swear to God I’m going to do something for New Year’s.) I will still be around commenting on your posts and asking you to spoil the endings of the books you’ve been reading, but I probably won’t be posting again until January.

(Though who knows? I can’t see the future!)

Some things I’ve read this past week and enjoyed follow.

Teresa and Jeanne wrote excellent posts about disagreeing with fellow bloggers. They inspired me to make a disagreeing comment on Amy’s review of the second season of Six Feet Under, a show I have never been able to get on with at all. So um, success, I guess?

Speaking of disagreeing, it’s always a pleasure to read a post by Ana about Philip Pullman. I am not such a wild Pullman fan as she is, and I’ve disliked him more as I’ve gotten older, so it’s interesting to read the eloquent, articulate thoughts of someone who is a fan.

Not book-related, but I want to let y’all know: I made these cookies, which I elect to call “jam thumbprints” because that is a more adorable name, and they came out pretty good. And I don’t even like coconut! I literally can’t think of one other thing I’ve ever enjoyed that has had coconut in it.

Emily Jane posted a review of Zadie Smith’s NW that captured my thoughts on it so well I don’t think I’ll write a review of it after all. Or, well, to be honest, I read NW two months back, and if I was going to write a review of it, I’d have done it by now. I retain, of course, my intense girl crush on Zadie Smith, even when I think sometimes she is being a little too experimental for her boots.

This post about historically authentic sexism in fantasy on Tor.com is good and you should read it. Spoiler alert: Less sexism would be interesting FOR ALL OF US.

In case you don’t know about it yet, Alice of Reading Rambo is hosting a reread of the Harry Potter series starting in January. The sign-up post is here if you haven’t signed up yet. Important issues will be discussed, including Neville’s emotional development, how to do an origin story really really well, and whether Sirius Black sucks (he does not). Let’s make it happen people!

For reasons I’ll go into later maybe, I have been feeling extra awesome lately. I hope that you do too. If you celebrate December holidays, may they be minimally stressful and maximally fun for you. Remember to make sensible, achievable New Year’s Resolutions! (I achieved three of my five, which doesn’t sound that awesome except for how successful one of them was at achieving the long-term goal it was designed to achieve.) And I will be back again in early 2013 with reviews of all sorts of things, including, I hope, books I have received for Christmas.

34 thoughts on “Happy holidays to all! (plus, some links to stuff I enjoyed!)

  1. I’m glad to read your paragraph about NW, I started it a few days ago and while I like it the writing is perhaps a little too different (that said it’s my first Smith).

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! See you in 2013 šŸ™‚

    • I liked the third section of the book by far the best — so maybe you will find it less strange by then. I wished the whole book could have been like the third section (except not really because the other parts were really interesting too).

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Perhaps we should have addressed the concept of merely speaking up, in addition to disagreeing. More points of view in the book blog world would be a good thing. Sophisticated Dorkiness has a post up about her favorite reads of 2012 and it includes my very most favorite (Angelmaker) and my very least (The Casual Vacancy). I like knowing other bookish people with such range!

    • I do too! I guess what I meant was that disagreeing feels sometimes deliberately contrary — like a negative comment about a book a blogger loved won’t add anything to the discussion. And sometimes I’m overcautious about that, I think.

  3. Why should you always agree, even if you don’t? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose? The point of commenting is to have a back-and-forth about the book, consider it’s drawbacks, gush, whatever. Nobody’s gonna agree with everyone all the time.

  4. It sounds like you have had a pretty awesome December, and I am awed that you managed to complete three out of five of your New-Year’s resolutions. Very cool that you made it all the way! I hope that December brings you all the joy and happiness that you deserve, and that you have a marvelous Christmas and New Year’s day. Take care over there!!

    • Thanks, Ana! I’ll probably be around commenting on blogs, definitely yours cause you are cool, but happy holidays anyway! I will pass along the hugs to the awesome family. They are awesome. Esp. Mumsy as you know. :p

  5. Cannot wait to have you home, because I am assuming that by “debauchery,” you mean “pleasant lunch on the outdoor patio with Mumsy.” Or possibly, “cheering on my awesome aunt as she continues her spectacular recovery.” Or possible, “helping Mumsy clear up Present Central and then cooing over tiny Penelope.”

  6. Thanks for the link! (And I, too, don’t get along with Six Feet Under. I think I quit midway through the second season.)

    And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Indeed? I sometimes feel I am the only one who didn’t love it! But I realized I just don’t like Alan Ball’s stuff. I would like to! And I never, ever do. I hated American Beauty with just a passionate hatred, I didn’t get on with Six Feet Under at all, and I quit True Blood after three episodes.

      I will! Merry Christmas!

  7. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas break and make the most of your extreme awesomeness – I would like to point out that I fine you extremely awesome in all seasons!

  8. Thanks for linking me, Jenny! I’m glad my review resonated with you…I was worried when I began that it would be one of those posts that’s uselessly vague because of all the “meh” feelings. I’m sort of surprised you never got into Six Feet Under! For some reason I would have thought you’d like it.

  9. We are also re-watching LOTR for the umpteenth time. My son was moved to write about the disappointment of watching The Hobbit in a school application this week. I felt corrective action had to be taken. Plus, it’s a Christmas tradition. Have a great break. I’m so glad you are back.

  10. I am so tempted by the Harry Potter challenge, especially because I stalled out on completing a similar one this year, but I am going on a challenge diet. I may still read the books again, though.

  11. Happy Christmas, Jenny! And ooooh to the Harry Potter reread. I just reread the books last summer, but perhaps enough time has passed that I could reread them again… Except I always think I’m going to enjoy read-alongs, and I do at first, but then they start to feel a bit like school and my mental energy takes an extended coffee break. Still, I’ll think about it.

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