Ugh, I suck.

I posted a post too soon instead of scheduling it. Ignore my last post, if you have Google Reader! Ignore it! It’s not Ada Leverson’s birthday yet!

(When I do this, I feel disproportionately embarrassed like it is a major social gaffe for which you will all (well, all the Google Reader users) judge me. Even though I know that you won’t.)


8 thoughts on “Ugh, I suck.

  1. In the grand scheme of things, disproportionate embarassment is right 🙂

    I have the annoying tendency of posting something after being sure it was ready to post, then discovering the obvious typo/I missed out a sentence or paragraph I meant to include/the phrasing doesn’t make sense/my grammar sucks – I must be the Queen of post-Blog Editing! But I don’t let it bother me – my friends and family are all my to familiar with my faults and are very forgiving.

  2. I’ve never gotten in the habit of using Google Reader, so when I do stuff like that I’m like the old person who is hard of hearing and doesn’t realize everybody else could hear that little fart.

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