BBAW: Community!

Okay, so. I didn’t write the Monday BBAW community post where I would say, this blogger is the best! And this blogger is also the best! And so on, and so forth! I didn’t do that because the time slot I had intended to devote to doing that on Sunday, I instead spent suddenly weirdly caring a lot a lot about the Jets/Cowboys game and coming very close to bursting into tears when the Jets won. I don’t care about the Jets. It was the 9/11 anniversary and they kept showing footage of the Tribute in Light, and that was why.

Then I was going to do it on Monday. But on Monday I ended up going to watch the US Open at Madison Square Park. I don’t understand tennis. My coworkers had to explain it to me. I said “Vamos Rafa!” as I was instructed to do, but that did not help the desired party (Rafa Nadal) to win. This is the most sporting events I don’t really care about (but somehow ended up caring about because New York made me) ever to have messed with my blogging schedule.

HOWEVER. This does not mean that I do not love you guys. The book blogging community is the world’s nicest ever community. Everyone I have ever said anything nice about in Book Blogger Appreciation Week or other weeks ever, you guys are still exactly that awesome. I don’t even want to name  names because y’all are all so wonderful and once I start naming bloggers I love, I can’t stop. I know because I tried. I started naming bloggers I love and this post reached an absurd length.

As such, I am just going to take this opportunity to say that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with blogging, and sometimes I think I should go on a hiatus because I’m already being not a very good blogger. But then I think about how much I really, really, really love y’all. Book blogging is the world’s nicest ever online community, I truly think.

So thank you, all book bloggers, for existing, and thank you, Amy (and all the BBAW team), for organizing this lovefest week yet again. I love you all. One million hearts.


32 thoughts on “BBAW: Community!

  1. I like BBAW because I find new blogs. Not that i need them! I can’t keep up with the ones I already read! But still I like knowing what my favorite bloggers like to read. Also, I was really sad when Rafael Nadal lost, because he is adorable and has a great smile and is a really good sport. I remember the whiny-ass Jimmy Connors and John McEnroes, who were so awful and prima-donna-ish and it was impossible to root for them, but they kept winning anyhow.

    • Dude, same! I have way too many awesome blogs to keep track of!

      I know, isn’t Rafa adorable? He looks like a lion cub. An adorable, tennis-playing lion cub. The other guy was fine, but I wanted Rafa to win.

  2. You’re so right, book bloggers ARE the nicest people. I belong to an online writing community and every so often I drop in and listen to all the hostile, grumpy, self-obsessed people whining on. It’s such a relief to return to blogging where everyone is so supportive and engaged and kind. And, in your case, m’dear, hilariously funny with it. Much love to you this week.

    • You are not the first person I’ve heard say that another online community is a big jerk compared to book bloggers. I limit my online community to book bloggers because y’all have always, always been awesome.

  3. No! You are a very good blogger, don’t let anyone (or anything) make you think otherwise. Your posts make me smile, even if I don’t always comment on them. Blogging is what you make of it, quite frankly; remember, it’s much your reading journal as it is a communication to other book bloggers.

    • I know, it’s totally a reading journal! But at the moment I’m not feeling very reading-journaly, so only the community aspect of book blogging is appealing to me at the moment; but by not reading-journaling, I’m also letting the lovely community slide. Bother.

  4. It’s been really nice hanging out here this year Jenny. I hope you never go on hiatus (unless you really need to of course) because now that I know you’re around I want you to be around forever.

  5. I also think the blogging community is rather special, and I love the way we all come together and support one another for both the really random and the really important things. I’ve never really been a part of a community like this before, and I marvel at the empathy and compassion that we all show each other daily. Of course sometimes there are tiffs, like in any community, but the fact that we work through them and move on means a lot too. I am so glad you are here, Jenny. Your reviews always make me smile. Plus, you are one astute little cookie!

  6. Book bloggers are SUCH a nice community! Almost all online communities descend into squabbles and accusations of Nazism after about two weeks, so I’m impressed by the book blogging ongoing love for one another.

  7. I’m glad you’re so consistent with posting, Jenny! Otherwise, when I fall into a slump, it would be super hard to come back. You’re one of the blogger-anchors, I must say! Keep it up!

    • Thanks, lovely Memory! You have one of my favouritest blogs too and indeed, I think I discovered it during BBAW some other year. Or maybe not. I do not remember.

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