Things that are nice about this week

1. Yesterday morning I killed the m.f. mosquito that kept me from comfortable sleep the last, like, three nights. I wanted to scream war chants of triumph. I hate that mosquito. It was insatiable. I am waiting two more weeks and then I am taking my window unit out of my window and having the super install a screen. Otherwise I know that more mosquitoes will come. It’s been rainy all week. These goddamn mosquitoes.

2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Zibilee has told me the title of a book that is the exact book I want to read right now. Wonderful wonderful Zibilee! And is going to send me her copy! It’s too early for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, but I just want to say right now, Zibilee, you are marvelous. You write long in-depth book reviews which I always enjoy even though we often read very different sorts of books; and you always leave incredibly nice comments; and you recommended me The Sandalwood Tree, an epistolary novel about the Raj that also does that thing I love where it’s one timeline person learning about someone else from History.

3. My roommate got a typewriter and does not mind me using it. Indeed she encourages it. Indeed when I am typing and she is in the room, she says, “I love the way that sounds!” Her typewriter, of course, is not as good as my little blue Smith-Corona typewriter at home, which is a more pleasing color and has a more pleasing ding at the end of the line. But still it is lovely to have a typewriter.

4. Orson Scott Card has written — and I have to tell you this by writing it, because when I try to talk about it I start laughing really hard (in an appalled sort of way) and can’t speak — a book called Hamlet’s Father that is a retelling of, you know, Hamlet. In which apparently, Hamlet’s father turns out to have been A Gay. And a pedophile. As The Gays are. And abused Horatio and Laertes and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in their youth, which is why they now are also all Gays. Because, you know. That’s how that works. Oh Orson Scott Card. I loved you so much when I was in my early teens. I have shifted my spec-fic loyalties all to Neil Gaiman, who is, in addition to being a wonderful author, a really nice person. Twitter has responded to Orson Scott Card in its inestimable Twitter way by inventing the hashtag #buyabiggaynovelforscottcardday. In particular I throw my weight behind Fun Home and all of Sarah Waters’s oeuvre. And Mary Renault. And Oscar Wilde. And Helen Oyeyemi (my imaginary friend). And The Color Purple.

5. The New Pornographers. I just like them. I listened to the New Pornographers a lot this week, and they made me happy. Also, the Muppets’ Green Album, which is very well worth buying on iTunes or Amazon. It is a little hipstery but don’t let that stop you.

6. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. Football! Is back! My beautiful Saints! My darling, dearest Saints! We did, yes, lose to the Packers yesterday, a loss that I lay at the door of a certain rookie running back out of Bama. But I am still so, so happy to have football back again. We have some exciting new players including Darren Sproles, the Lightning Bug!, whom I adore. I drafted him for my fantasy team against the better judgment of Captain Hammer, who was in charge of making sure I drafted a good team. Also, this commercial? Truth in television. And oh, gosh, I sure do miss Louisiana.


54 thoughts on “Things that are nice about this week

    • well, that’s just legally incorrect, leaving out the rest of the incorrectness. He could legitimately make that point about Roe, where they did actually create a right out of nothing. Or possibly about Brown v Board of Education. But the point in gay marraige is gender discrimination. I, a woman, am deprived of the right all men have: to marry a woman. Same thing for men, they can’t do something I can do-marry a man.

    • Whoa. Whoa. You know, Card’s remarks about marriage and how hard it is, and how women and men find it so, so difficult to live together – that seriously makes me wonder if he himself is in a very dark closet.

  1. In fairness, he was really nice that time we all talked a letter and typed out what each of us was saying, which had to have been a really weird and rather insulting letter.

    • I know, that was really nice of him. I do remember that. I almost didn’t mention this about him here, because I remember how nice he was about that, and the fact that he’s lost children and that’s really sad and poor guy. But then this was such a spectacularly dick book to write, I decided I had to talk about it.

  2. 1. Yay! I LOVE that feeling of killing a bug that has been stalking you for days!
    2. She is wonderful, isn’t she?
    3. I don’t think I have ever typed on a real live typewriter. Now I want one.
    4. Wow. Just…wow.
    5. I have never heard of the New Pornographers, but what a fun name.
    6. YES! We have different loyalties but HOORAY FOR FOOTBALL!

    • It’s really fun to have a typewriter! I love having a typewriter!

      WHAT IS YOUR LOYALTY? If they are not a team I actively hate, and if they are not playing against the Saints, I will root for them at other times. I love football. It is the best.

  3. Wonderful to know that your roommate has got a typewriter and you type on it sometimes. When I was learning how to use computers in the early ’90s, I practised my keyboard skills on the typewriter and it was fun 🙂 Is your typewriter / your friend’s typewriter a manual one or an electronic one?

    • I miss you too! I hope you like Shadow of the Moon if you read it — it’s sort of swooshily romantic and fun, so you have to be in a particular mood for it.

  4. 7. You share all the nice things about this week with us and brighten up our days a little too by the sharing of your nice things and cheerfulness. ^-^

  5. Oh, shame on Orson Scott Card, who up until this point I thought was a rather nice fellow. Now I am not so sure and think he may be wearing underwear that is too tight and cutting off the circulation to his brain. Who would write something like that, and also, who would read it? It seems ill advised. Also, thanks for the very sweet shout-out! I am hoping that the book is just what you are craving about the Raj, and have to say that the descriptions of India were extremely lush and beautiful. Only the part set in the past is in epistolary from, but I rather think you’ll enjoy the whole book. And I am very glad for you that football is back. Even though I don’t follow the sport, I like to have it on in the background while I am reading.

    • I fear that he has many opinions that are upsetting to me. The gay thing is his worst thing though, he’s absolutely vitriolic about it. Ugh.

      I’m really excited to read the book! It sounds perfect.

  6. I feel you about the mosquitos. I don’t see them all day and then I am slowly drifting off to sleep and then bam they are right by ear! So annoying!

    I loved the Sandalwood Tree! Such a wonderful book- hope you do too!

  7. Beyond the whole homophobia aspect of that Card novel (which, by the way, WOW), I wonder what if anything that “plot twist” actually does for the story of Hamlet. Like, does that mean we should actually cheer Gertrude and Claudius for having killed Hamlet’s father? They are obviously both crass villains, so that seems unlikely. And should we be glad Hamlet dithers so long over avenging the ghost? It makes that whole conversation between Hamlet and Horatio pretty weird, where Hamlet tells Horatio he’s going to stage the play-murder to establish the guilt of the royal couple, and wants Horatio to be his witness. Wouldn’t Horatio take that or a similar moment to mention that he’s not really on board with the whole avenging Hamlet’s father thing since Hamlet’s father abused him?

    I don’t know, maybe the novel is “non-canon” or whatever the fanfiction writers call it. Given the actual play, this tweak does not seem to hold much potential in my opinion.

    • I wondered that too! He talked about making Hamlet more accessible to modern audiences, and I just don’t see how this retelling could possibly do that. Apparently at the end Hamlet’s father welcomes him joyfully to Hell. Said the article I read. So I feel like Card just went entirely off the rails because of his crazy-ass political beliefs. :/

    • As a Saints fan, I love the music. 🙂 Y’all played really well and I support your team every single other week of the year, because I think the Packers are great. Greg Jennings and James Starks are on my fantasy team and I adore them — they always look so happy when they make a good play!

  8. I think almost every day should be buy a big gay novel day, don’t you?
    The thing about Orson Scott Card is that he’s a good writer, which makes his craziness more scary and possibly more contagious. But he’s so crazy partly because he’s so Mormon. In addition to buying big gay novels (a phrase derived, I believe, from a South Park joke), everyone should go see The Book of Mormon on Broadway, where the song “I Believe” really sets forth some of the crazy things they believe, and the song “Turn it off” is a charming little ditty that shows you what the tortured Mormon gay man in Angels in America is trying–and failing–to do with his entire life.

    • I think every day should be that, yes. I’d have to have a lot more bookshelves and a lot more money. I know that part of his craziness is Mormonism-related, but that is not a good enough explanation. He’s so vitriolic about the gays these days, it’s really ugly.

  9. Good week for you. Dead mosquito = happiness! Congrats on the BBAW nomination too. I, for some reason or another, have never read any of Orson Scott Card’s books. I always meant too but now I don’t so much want to anymore.

    • Yeah, I don’t blame you. Ender’s Game is a legitimately good book though, and so is Speaker for the Dead. But I would have enjoyed them way less if I’d read them the first time knowing about Card’s insane views.

  10. Orson Scott Card is an asshat. I shall go out and buy all of Sarah Water’s novels (that I don’t already own) in protest. And donate the equivalent amount of all his books to a charity that supports LBGT rights.

    Oh, and congratulations on the Great Mosquito Kill, and the typewriter. I am sad that my children will never know that joyful sound, nor the sound of the paper being zipped out of the roller thingy. (Of course they don’t know the frustration of wite-out, but there it is).

    • Word! I love Sarah Waters!

      Yeah, Wite-Out. I could do with a large amount of that. My typing skills are not very good, I am like Tom Lynn in Fire and Hemlock. Very, very, very bad at typing.

  11. One time, I hunted this mosquitoe for HOURS AND HOURS because I knew I couldn’t sleep until I killed it. Then I offered it my arm as a sacrifice, and as soon as it swooped in to take advantage, I KILLED ITS ASS.

    It was a triumphant moment.

    I miss my typewriter, which broke a few years back. And I’m sort of scared of Orson Scott Card. I’m worried I’ll read one of his books and be crushed beneath anti-gay rhetoric, even though I gather his early work is very much in the “let’s understand each other, even if some of us are The Gays” vein. Still, I’m scared. I don’t want to be anti-gayed to, unsubtlely or not. I feel a bit bad about that, but I figure he’d never read any of my stuff because he presumably doesn’t want to be pro-gayed to, so we’re square.

    • I knew what you meant. Yeah! I kept trying to offer my limbs as sacrifices, but then the mosquito would get super tricky and come at me from an angle I wasn’t expecting. It was awful. I kept putting the light on and trying to read while waiting with my arm as sacrifice, and then I would nod off and the mosquito would pounce. Hateful bastard mosquitoes.

      The books of his I like don’t have the crazy anti-gay stuff. The more recent of his books that I’ve read (none of the very recent ones, I’ve given up) have been way preachy. Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, Speaker for the Dead, and to a lesser extent, Xenocide are all pretty solid books.

  12. Oh, Orson Scott Card. Every time he says those things I just want to pat him a little and tell him life is not as bad he thinks; then go buy something by Armistad Maupin. Complete Tales of the City, maybe. Because that Hamlet sounds really appallingly eye-rollingly terrible.

  13. New Pornographers! I have not listened to them in way too long. Actually, not much since Challengers came out. Changing that right now. I remember that time a few years ago when I saw them play two nights in a row and they played like 8 songs for one of their encores. It was fantastic.

  14. A mosquito is better off dead!!

    I swear I once almost became an insomniac because a very stealthy mosquito would buzz around my ear…and around…and around. I stayed awake that entire night trying to pinpoint it’s whereabouts. I couldn’t slap it between my palms because it was too fast and it would leap off the wall/ceiling in an unpredictable manner every time my shadow gave me away. So I got a fly swatter and kind of smear it all over my ceiling. It was very disgusting but very satisfying.

    And what have you been tying on that typewriter? I love the typewriter I have at home because the keys are so gd bouncy!

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