36 thoughts on “Book Bloggers and Music (an idea seeking feedback)

  1. 1) YES. This idea is TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS. Making and receiving mix CDs is one of my favourite things ever. So much so that at some point last year I was practically begging people on Twitter to let me make them one 😛

    2) Hmm… probably best to leave it to each participant’s discretion. I totally wouldn’t mind two CDs, but maybe some people would?

    3) March sounds fine to me!

    4) I’m awful at catchy names, but my boyfriend is good at buttons! He always makes the ones for my challenges/read-alongs 😛 I’m sure he’d be happy to help.

    The puppy will remember you for sure! Seeing my cats and dogs again was so wonderful. I was afraid the cats would sulk at me, because they have in the past, but not even that happened this time around 😀

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea! I have noticed that people who share a taste in books also seem to like the same music/TV shows.

    I would be a bit worried about copyright issues, but if this can be overcome then I’d love to join in.

  3. The puppy will remember you and go mad with joy. Look how she adores small boys because she had those little kids to play with when she was just a furball. I just hope she doesn’t pee the floor. And if you choose to bond with her by walking her, I might expire from joy too.

  4. The CD thing sounds great, but way too technologically complicated for the likes of me! But I can fully empathize with the puppy yen! I hope she is still the cutest and most clever puppy you have ever seen!

  5. Great idea! How about a playlist as a post, using youtube or other official videos, and hopefully dealing with copyright issues that way? Those who like the list can create their own. I did one for my Canadian Literature class and posted it.

  6. I’m like RhapsodyinBooks, plus I’m too old to be trading songs with you youngsters. Had to express my joy that you’ll see your puppy, though. Dogs are so forgiving, and see, Nymeth says that even her cats didn’t pout when she returned. Have a wonderful time!

      • Mumsy, I’ll admit I was 17 when Abba’s Dancing Queen came out and that I used to listen to Steely Dan. But I’ve always been more of a classical/musical theater person without much to discuss with pop music fans!

  7. You should call it Musical March! I do think 2 CDs is a little overkill. Maybe (if it’s not too complicated) people could say what their favorite read is and then the person they’re exchanging CDs with would create a playlist for that book?

  8. I like it!! Especially the don’t-judge-me part 🙂 March sounds good to me, since there’s not a ton happening then and a music swap would be lovely to look forward to!

    And I’m sure your puppy will remember you! Have a great holiday!

  9. I would love to do this! I have some music that I would love to share, and it would be interesting to see what I got back. I do have one question: would people be matched by their musical tastes? I would hate to send out a mix CD full of The Smiths and Airborne Toxic Event to someone who likes showtunes, but this idea intrigues and I would love to be a part of it. I think sometime in March would be a good time, but I am up for it anytime, really. Such a fabulous idea, Jenny!

  10. I am ALL OVER this idea! Whenever you decide to have it, I am totally absolutely in.

    I think that one CD is good. The theme could be left up to the maker, but I already know my theme will be “Songs I Love and Think You Should Too”.

    And I second the Musical March suggestion. Great name!

  11. This sounds like a fantastic idea! I too love to make and receive mix CD’s. Early March sounds like good timing and just one CD, as two might be intimidating. No idea for a name though, but if something pops up, I’ll let you know.

  12. This is a great idea, I always see people on twitter talking about mix CDs. But unless someone wants a CD of all Dave Matthews, I probably won’t join. 😀 I always seem to end up listening to the same stuff over and over.

  13. I think you should do this in MAY, since I’ll be reunited with both my removable disc drive and my complete CD collection by then. 🙂 But if you do it earlier, I’ll live vicariously by watching everyone else receive their mixes.

    Also, your puppysickness mirrors my own. Every time I see a dog, I think about how awesome Murchie is and how much I miss him and how dearly I hope he recognizes me once we’re reunited.

  14. Jenny, I would definitely be in on your idea! (Ana told me about it, I had once again hit “mark all as read” in my GR). I love it. I have found out that many bloggers have a great taste in music and I love sharing and getting to know new artists. I think the beginning of March would be perfect.

  15. I’m intrigued, Jenny. I think I listen to fairly different music than many of the bookish people (at least based on Twitter convos) – heavy on the 1930s blues and 1960s Motown, increasingly light on the contemporary indie rock – but if folks are open to different genres I’d love to participate.

  16. um, as another out-of-touch music person, I would LOVE to receive but would be clueless on the giving side. I still don’t know how to make a mix tape/CD whatever nor would I have the music handy to compile one.

    Could we have a group of those who would love to get music but would give a book in return????

    I was given a mix CD from a blogger once and I love the tunes she picked (most was totally new to me or with diff artists) and I fondly think of her when I play it. In my car. All my CDs are in my car. i never think to play when in the house…. Unless its holiday music.


  17. You MUST do this! I’m already thinking of the music I can put on the cd. Also, would you want to be specific – audio files or mp3? I only ask because mp3’s well, you can quite easily put TONS on a cd whereas audio is limited to 12 or there close. I’d be thinkin’ more of the audio because then it is even more personalized.

  18. Would totally participate! I love discovering new things (books for sure but music, recipes, etc. too!).

    March would be good! But so would February or April too!

  19. I have totally been thinking about mixed CDs lately! My iPod died, so I’ve become reacquainted with my CD collection and in the process been reminded of how much I love making mixed CDs. The moral of the story: count me in! 🙂

  20. HELL YES THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!!!!! I mean…um yeah…I think this is great 🙂 I’m totally in!! I think March would be great and I would definitely make 2 cds for people. Making mix cds is one of my favorite things in the world. Music is pretty much my life…aside from books…and breathing.

  21. YES YES YES! I’ve actually already done this for two of my best bloggy friends, and surprised them one day with a mix CD in the mail. It’s so nice to receive mail that isn’t bills or junk – I think it would be a wonderful mid-winter treat to share great music with others. I’m totally on board! Fantastic idea, Jenny.

  22. Okay, I am a million years behind on my feed reader, but as I was driving to and from my parents’ for Christmas, I was thinking about how much I miss the era of the mix tape. So, YES, I am game!

    I would personally be willing to send out multiple copies of my mix CD(s), if it meant that I got multiple people’s CDs in return…

  23. I’m so late reading this too but I would love to participate! I’ve already had fun music discussions with Nymeth and others on Twitter and I totally get the same feeling that you do — musical tastes seem to pair nicely with literary ones!

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