The heat is melting my brain

And that is why I posted one of my Diana Wynne Jones posts instead of scheduling it. And that is why it’s presumably showing up in your Google Reader. PAY IT NO MIND. It will post properly in August. I am stupid today. I have been out in the heat all morning and now it is hot in my apartment and I am doing laundry, which is using up more of my attention than you might anticipate. Also, I am very stupid all the time.

10 thoughts on “The heat is melting my brain

  1. I’m writing DWJ posts already too. 🙂 The funny thing is that I have a stack of other books to review before August and I just can’t get motivated to write about them. Well, maybe it’s not so funny …

  2. Oh I hate hate hate when I do that! And it’s very frustrating because people can still see it in the Reader so then they KNOW what you have done! But since all of us have done it, it actually makes us feel more warmly toward you, for making us feel not Alone in the Universe.

    And yes, it is hot and humid and hellish, and so one would entirely expect one to commit homicides, or forget to check pockets for kleenex before doing the wash, or commit blog gaffes, or other hot, humid, hellish behaviors….

    I think it calls for an ice cream drink!

  3. Un-scheduled post, you say? No idea what you’re talking about *whistles*

    Is it really that hot up there? Since this awful awful winter is freezing my wits away I’m having trouble believing that words like “heat” and “melt” have actual meaning.

    Also, when I was reading The Lion the With and the Wardrobe the whole “Always winter and never Christmas” thing struck me as weird ’cause Christmas is in summer, DUH.

    Babbling comment… is babbling. Babbles. Whatever.

    • You know, I’ve never, ever thought about how weird that would sound from the Southern half of the globe. (I’m going to be tripping out about that for a while)

  4. Well, I read your DWJ post in all eagerness, but I’ll wait for it to show up again properly in august. My brain is melting, too. I could not believe how hot it was here today. Creeping over the triple digits, I think. I ran errands this morning, all short ones parking very close to the store, and just the in and out from car to shop back to car made us so hot and sweaty we had to change all our clothes when we got home! the car and stores are all nicely air conditioned, too! I don’t know why I’m sharing this except I totally sympathize with the heat thing. It makes me get headaches and feel so tired and sluggish.

  5. Aren’t you lucky I don’t use Google reader?

    Jenny’s brain is a public service. We all miss it when it goes heat-addled.

  6. I had a baby at the end of August, and found out how some people feel about heat. It gave me that little bit of insight. How you feel about heat is how I feel about cold–so I’m sorry. I hope it gets better for you soon. (Also, like Trapunto, I rarely look at google reader.)

  7. Yea! I missed the DWJ post and will wait.
    You are NOT dumb.
    But you might have been dumb when you ignored your math friend explaining probabilities. Maybe not. I won’t judge.

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