Dear Canadians,

Happy Canada Day. If I ever meet you in person, it is likely that I will sing you your national anthem. Because I am pleased with myself for knowing it.


23 thoughts on “Dear Canadians,

  1. I only know a few words, but I should learn it all – I love Canada!!! And if anyone has not been to the Banff and Lake Louise areas, I highly recommend it: it has to be some of the most beautiful terrain on this earth!

    • I learned it one year in choir because our choir was going to this big North American Choirs sort of event, and we were all going to sing each other’s national anthems. But I’ve never been to Canada!

      • Oh! didn’t meant to leave you hanging…it’s the misheard lyrics version (there’s a whole website; my family loves it and to date has the most popular version of a song line by a group called Within Temptation: “give me the strength to do the laundry in the dark”).

        I’m sure we could make up the rest!

  2. I love Canada’s anthem and would love to hear the parody, too. (Sounds a little like the New Hampshire motto parody, “Live, Freeze, or Die.”)

  3. I’m Canadian and I only know the first verse. There’s more but we never sing it.

    I added you to the Delicious Book Blog Directory. Go here to find out more and update your listing.

    • We never sing any but the first verse of our national anthem either – it would be too huge a strain on everyone’s vocal chords. :p

      Thanks for adding me! 🙂

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