I love y’all

Seriously, I mean it.  I know there have been a lot of angsty posts recently about the book blogging community being clique-ish or bitchy and it will soon collapse in on itself like a dying star.  And I just wanted to say that I have never ever felt that way.  My experience of book bloggers has been that you are exceptionally kind, gracious, welcoming, and courteous.  You are forthcoming with congratulations on good occasions and commiserations on bad.  You give birthday presents like hobbits.  You very sweetly email me to tell me the twists in the books you’ve just read (I’m embarrassed to admit how often I’ve asked y’all to do this).  On the (very few) occasions that I’ve been upset by something someone’s posted on a blog, the blogger has been quick to apologize and clarify.  It’s happened several times that I’ve commented on a post saying I’d love to read the book therein discussed, and the blogger has emailed to offer to send it to me.  Just because you are nice.  And then, of course, y’all challenge me to read outside of my comfort zone, and you provide me with endless and endlessly diverse book recommendations.  I didn’t start doing this with the idea that I was stepping into a community, but that’s what I’ve found.

Love and kisses,

52 thoughts on “I love y’all

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    • Yeah…after posting this I realized my tags might give that impression. I went back and added an additional tag to say that I was not, although reading over all of them, I am not sure that inspired confidence in my sobriety either. But I was definitely not drunk!

      Now if I ever start asking what everybody’s middle names are, that’s how you’ll know. No idea why I do this when drunk but it happens almost without fail.

      • My tell-tale sign is that I start gesticulating… particularly taking two fingers at my temple, and then pointing them at whoever I’m talking to… like I am taking my thought out of my brain and shooting it at them. That probably doesn’t come across over the internet, though, so ha! I can post drunk with impunity! 🙂

    • Me too! I seem to mostly catch the aftermath of drama that’s gone down, and it’s usually based at blogs I don’t read. But I have seen several rather depressed posts recently; and I still think book blogging’s fabulous!

  2. I’m still new to it, but I’m beginning to think blogging is like liquor. You can tell a lot about a person when they are under the influence of the bottle or the keyboard. I feel lucky, because probably there are all these nice, smart, booky people in the world, but, like me, they are scurrying around the grocery store, poking the the celery with a furtive, dissatisfied expression, and being drawn up short like a deer in the headlights when the checker tries to engage them in conversation about the coming holiday that they had actually completely forgotten about, and even if they had known, had no particular plans for except to sit down with a big, fat Arthurian novel and maybe take a contemplative walk.

    But then, they open their hearts about books in their blogs!

    • Exactly how I feel. How lucky are we to have been born at the right time to have the internets? I want to give the internets a hug for connecting me with so many lovely people and their book recommendations.

  3. Aw, this post made me grin. Ditto to your last sentence. I had no idea I’d come across such an amazing group of people when I hit that ‘create blog’ button. xoxo 🙂

    • Me either! And then when I did realize how great the book bloggers were, I was afraid they would not want to be internet friends. I was totally shy of commenting for a really long time, and then someone commented on my TBR list page and said “I had no idea you’d seen me recommend that book, I really hope you like it,” and it made me realize people wanted comments when they wrote reviews that made me want to read the books they were talking about. Which now seems like the most obvious revelation ever. 😛

  4. Thank you, Jenny. I shouldn’t have needed a reminder why I blog but today I definitely do and this served that purpose. After a mean post today and hurtful comments that it is suspect for myself and others to view it as mean, I’ve been feeling quite raw and contemplated throwing in the towel.

  5. Awwww. We love you too, Jenny! 😀 This post encapsulates what my experience with book bloggers has been like 99% of the time. The conflicts there have been over the year happen in all communities, I think – and most of the time, much more often than in this one.

    • That’s how I feel! Conflicts are inevitable, but it does seem to me that book bloggers are particularly nice. Of course I know that I am inclined to like people better if they read, so that observation may not be valid coming from me. But I feel like I read a comment somewhere recently from someone who was also active in the, the, the vinyl collecting blogs world? Something like that, and they said that book bloggers, compared to vinyl collection bloggers, were super duper nice and friendly. And that made me feel pleasantly superior. 😛

  6. It’s lovely to see someone looking on the bright side after all the misunderstandings and angst of the past couple of days. Thank you!

    • You, incidentally, are the cause of this post. I was thinking crabby thoughts, and then I went upstairs and saw Poppy Shakespeare sitting on the banister, and I was all, Wow. Book bloggers ROCK.

    • Do! Your first one happened right in the middle (as you mentioned) of several burnout-y posts from other blogs, and it cheered me up to see all the nice things about blogging. That’s kind of what made me think that writing this one would be a good idea (even though it is very wee).

  7. I agree totally, Jenny! I didn’t even know there was such negativity until people started talking about it — which caused some negativity to surface! All of my bloggy friends are amazing, positive, fun people who enrich my life with their thoughts and actions.

    • Me too as a rule, but when they come up on Google Reader I can’t stop my eyes from reading them. And they aren’t all that common, so I definitely am not complaining.

    • My tags are made out of all the digressions I wanted to have in the post itself but then I thought about it and decided the post would be better without them. *sneaky*

    • It was at least needed by me – I have a tendency towards pessimism and wanted to remind myself why I do this. (It’s cause everyone is lovely.)

  8. Jenny, your blog is great! And I agree, many people in the book blogging world are very kind and gracious. But I can see it from the other side as well. We have some terrific blogs out there–I won’t name them because I don’t want to exclude anyone unintentionally–but I do think that lately, things seem to have…narrowed. I see a lot of people reading the same books, or going off on the same tangents, and I can see how that seems clique-ish. I don’t think it’s intentionally exclusionary, but it does sometimes feel as though one must participate in the conversation or else be left out. We must all remember that for the most part, we are here in the blogosphere for the same reason: we love books! Let’s celebrate that!

    • I know what you mean, but I’ve also found people are very welcoming with their different reading projects. Like, even when it maybe feels a bit clique-ish if you’re not doing it, it’s never a closed club, and it doesn’t last forever. There are also (I’m afraid this is going to sound heartless) so many book bloggers now that you’re not losing something irreplaceable by taking a blog off your blogroll. If you don’t enjoy one person’s posts, you can unsubscribe and find blogs that you’ll enjoy more.

    • Journaling online! Yes! Exactly what I thought was going to happen! Then the more I got involved in the community, the more communityish it proved to be.

  9. Have there been angry posts? I know there was a little controversy over at a UK site, but the blogger apologised and it was clear she didn’t mean what she said to come out the way it did. Perhaps it’s spring fever affecting those whose keyboards are too close to the burgeoning blossom! 🙂 It’ll all blow over in a few days in any case. But it’s always nice to have a love-in!

    • There hasn’t been a lot of screamy drama, but I have seen several posts lately where bloggers have mentioned burn-out and said the book blogging community isn’t as nice, or as fun, as it used to be. For me, though, it just gets better and better. 🙂

  10. I don’t comment often (I think I haven’t commented before?), but I do read your blog and I love this post and although I’m fairly new, I can’t but say it’s been such a great community experience. Your blog and this posts certainly seem to add to that. Thank you.

    • It’s nice to hear that the community’s welcoming to newcomers as well as everything else! I didn’t have a big newcomer experience because I was so, so reluctant for ages and ages to comment on other people’s blogs. In retrospect I don’t know what I was worried about!

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