Shriek. Squee. Fangirl delight.

I know!  I’m so fickle!  But:

This does seem to be the pattern with me and the new kid.  My heart is hardened against him like the Pharaoh against Moses, and I watch the clips with glowery eyes and my arms crossed, and I think angry thoughts about the new kid and his myriad inadequacies.  And then, in the midst of all this, he goes and does something really Doctory and causes me to love him (briefly).  But I think this clip from “Vampires of Venice” has put paid to all my negative expectations.  Well, that, and the fact that Matt Smith came up with the tweed and the bow tie himself, and he prepared for the role by writing stories about the Doctor, and Patrick Troughton is his favorite Doctor from the classic series.  How could that fail to win me?

Besides, unfailing sign: I have started feeling defensive of him.  I read something negative about Matt Smith on the internets the other day and I was all, Step off the Doctor, internets!  Show some respect!  Have you no sense of history?

Which is hardly fair for me to say, given that a year and a half ago, I said I didn’t care that much that David Tennant was leaving, and I was only interested in this news because it meant Paterson Joseph might be the new Doctor.  Oh, Past Jenny.  (Then I went on a week-long Doctor Who and cross-stitching spree, at the end of which I remembered that David Tennant was leaving and nearly burst into tears.)

Can it please be Saturday?

16 thoughts on “Shriek. Squee. Fangirl delight.

    • You are missing out, seriously. Your children are missing out. If your library has it, you should get it straightaway. I was skeptical about it when I started, but soon I was drawn in because, as the showrunners for the new series points out, it is the best idea ever invented in the entire history of the world. He travels through time and space, fighting monsters, saving planets, and being, well, let’s face it, pretty sort of marvelous. IT IS SO GREAT. You can start from the beginning of the new series, with Christopher Eccleston, and that’s a good way to go, or if you want to start with the best, just watch “Blink”. You don’t get to see much of the Doctor but it’s one of the best episodes of any TV show I’ve ever seen.

  1. I like that he at least takes a few seconds to put it together that they’re vampires – they so often wrote Ten as knowing everything instantly. But I can’t get over the fact that this child playing the Doctor is only a year or so older than me. That’s a realization that shouldn’t come for another decade or so.

    Is there an actor you would like to see play the Doctor? Aside from Tennant, I mean? Me, I think I’d cast Anthony Stewart Head if I had the choice.

    • I have to say, it’s the writing that excites me most in the new series. Not that I didn’t absolutely love some of Davies’s stuff, because I really did (“Midnight”. Brrr.), but I think it’s time for a fresh showrunner/chief writer. However, I cannot emphasize frequently enough that I think David Tennant was perfect in the role and will always be my Doctor.

      Erm, well, I was very excited when they floated the idea of Paterson Joseph doing it. I think he would have been superb in the part, for one thing; he was the Marquis de Carabas in the BBC miniseries of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, and he was exactly like a very amoral Doctor. And as well I think it would have been great to have the first black Doctor. I am still a bit sad they didn’t cast Paterson Joseph.

  2. Aha! I guessed when I saw the title what this would be! And lo and behold, a clip I haven’t seen yet.

    I too had my doubts, but I’m definitely warming to this doctor. He does seem very… Doctorish.

    Roll on Saturday 🙂

    • It’s good, isn’t it? How pleased he is and everything? When he was looking back and forth from the girls to the mirror, I was thinking, Oh, dear, this is going to be cartoony, but my fears were laid to rest when he said, “I…am…LOVING it.” 🙂 As Neil Gaiman very properly says, he may not be MY Doctor, but he is THE Doctor.

      • I think it’s the way he’s so eager to find out new stuff, and excited and curious, and just delighted and fascinated by unknown beings and how it all works even if they’re trying to kill him. I do think this Doctor has got that quality.

  3. I’m reserving judgement on Smith as the Doctor (though he seems kind of…is adorable the right word?). I’m still most worried about Moffat (and low-cut nightgowns on teenage girls don’t do much to put those fears to rest). He may have brought us Blink, but my inner feminist remains suspicious.

    It needs to be Saturday NOW.

    • I am worried about Moffat too! I mean his episodes were all very good, and he’s brilliant at doing scary things, but I’m concerned about his apparent penchant for rrrrrrromance. I didn’t like River Song. I do not need her to return. :/

  4. I was sad when Tennant left and I haven’t watched any of the new Doctor Who yet. Must add it to the viewing list…

  5. My husband and I are the same with each new doctor … I’m still not completely on board with Matt but I’m sure I will be. The people who cast this show just “get” what the doctor should be like. I have to trust them! The weird thing is that my husband doesn’t like any companions except Rose. I end up liking all of them incredibly too!

    • David Tennant was actually the first Doctor I saw, but then I started watching from the beginning of the new series, with Christopher Eccleston; and when he changed to David Tennant, I was not at all crazy about him for several episodes. But David Tennant is my Doctor really, and I just hope I don’t carry on resenting Matt Smith.

      He didn’t like Donna? I mean I liked Rose BEST, of course, and wasn’t crazy about Martha, but I liked Donna too. I thought it was sweet how good friends she and the Doctor were.

      • We started with Chris but I was much more on-board the David change because, well, he’s cute! The husb really doesn’t like Donna and only likes Martha so-so. He probably wanted Kylie Minogue to stay on forever in that little maid outfit!

        I think I actually like Martha the best because she becomes something after the Doctor leaves — sort of like Sarah Jane. The thing I liked most about Donna though was that she was the only one that really seemed like a “woman”.

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