My sister’s coming home!

Not the sister in New Orleans (she is already home), and not the sister who sometimes comments on this blog to offer me books and make lawyer-like objections to my turns-of-phrase (she is busy learning things in New England), but the littlest sister, the one who is studying abroad in Old England.  She’s coming home! and I am glad that she is, because I have just about reached the end of my tolerance for watching movies without her.

When Social Sister and I are together, we have this tendency to say the same things over and over, with increasing excitement and expanding very, very slightly on what we have said previously.  For us it is a lot of fun; for those around us, maybe less fun, so we really try to tone it down when we are in company.  Here is a sample of the sort of conversation we have, and if you think I am exaggerating, ask anyone who knows us, and they will tell you that if anything?  I am making us sound more intelligent than we actually sound.

Jenny: Ewan McGregor is adorable.
Social Sister: Ewan McGregor is adorable.
J (to anyone else present): We love Ewan McGregor.
SS: Yup, we love Ewan McGregor.  We miss Ewan McGregor.
J: Ewan McGregor should be in more stuff.
SS (indignantly): He’s never in anything anymore!  I miss him!
J: I miss him too!  James McAvoy gets all his parts now!  James McAvoy is all, Oh, look at me, I’m an adorable Scottish actor who plays earnest.  I’m the new Ewan McGregor.
SS (shaking her fist): James McAvoy. But I love him.
J: Yeah, me too.  I love him too.  James McAvoy.
SS: Remember how cute he was with his haircut in Atonement?
J: I love that haircut.
SS (to anyone else present): We love that haircut.
J: Yeah, we have a total crush on that haircut.
SS: We think it’s the cutest haircut ever.
J: We would love anyone as long as they had that haircut.  We would love Matthew Broderick if he had that haircut.
SS: I would never love Matthew Broderick.
J: Me either, Matthew Broderick sucks.  But I love James McAvoy!
SS: I love Ewan McGregor too!
J: Ewan McGregor is adorable.
SS: When they were filming the light-saber scenes in Star Wars, he kept making the light-saber sound effects. George Lucas was like, stop, stop, we’re putting the sounds in later, but Ewan McGregor just couldn’t stop.
J: Why isn’t he around anymore?  He’s in The Ghost Writer but I can’t go see The Ghost Writer!  I’m not supporting a creepy child rapist with money from my bank account!
SS: Yeah, me either.  Gross.
J: Ewan McGregor is so cute.  Why can there only be one adorable Scottish actor at a time?

(By the way, IMDB says that Ewan McGregor was in four films last year and is set to be in three this year, whereas James McAvoy has one in 2009 and one in 2010.  Social Sister and I have been lamenting Ewan McGregor’s replacement in film by James McAvoy, while still copping to liking James McAvoy better, since around 2006; and we are not bothered by trivial details, “facts” if you will, that render our laments absurd.)

If you think that the above conversation seems a) circular and b) endless and c) pointless, I’d like you to bear in mind two things.  One, we have had variants of this conversation about six hundred times already so it’s even more pointless than it seems; and two, unless something interrupts us, we will keep talking like this until you start bleeding from the ears and fall down dead in front of us, and when that happens?

Social Sister: Oo, this is just like in Firefly when those dudes had that thing
Jenny: Whatever happened to those dudes?
SS: I know, they just vanished for the movie!
J: Too bad Zoe wasn’t there on Ariel.  Zoe could’ve totally taken those dudes.
SS: That is for reals.  Zoe is a BAMF.
J: Zoe is a BAMF.  And she’s hot.
SS: She is so hot.
J: Have you seen her ankles?  Those are good ankles to have.
SS: She does have nice ankles.  Remember when she was Jasmine?
J: And she was hotter than anyone has ever been?
SS: And Angel sang Barry Manilow to her?
J: Angel.
SS: Angel.
J&SS: (rousing chorus of Angel theme song)

You can see how I would miss this when she is far away.

30 thoughts on “My sister’s coming home!

    • Not idly did I make that Firefly reference! Our conversations are peppered with Joss Whedon references. Joss Whedon is one of those topics, like David Tennant and JK Rowling, that we always get back round to eventually.

  1. But but but but but! Wasn’t she supposed to be there to send you a copy of Monsters of Men when it came out? Ah well…thank goodness for the book depository 😛 She sounds lovely, and like the kind of sister I wish I had. (I have zero sisters! Sadness.)

    • She’s only here for her spring break, and then she’s going back, at which point, if she is a good sister, and I have reason to believe that she is, she can send me Monsters of Men. Because, you know, I MUST HAVE IT.

      No sisters? Are you an only child, or have you got brothers instead of sisters? I have always wondered what it is like having brothers.

    • Thanks: you put a charitable interpretation on it! My mother gets completely frustrated with us when we do this. She says, “YOU JUST SAID THAT SIX TIMES ALREADY,” which I guess means that she thinks (and we do not) that it is possible to call Ewan McGregor adorable too many times. 😛

  2. I hope that you have seen Long Way Round and Long Way Down, which follows Ewan with his friend Charlie motorcycling around the world. Very fun.

    And those dudes with that thing! Ack! Ariel is my favorite episode anyway, maybe because it is one of the few successful heists the Firefly crew has.

    • I’ve never seen those at all! I actually put in a paragraph in the original post, which I then deleted, where I said that a conversation about Ewan McGregor can go off into about fifty directions (we don’t like Jude Law, we like it that he protects his family’s privacy, we are glad he did not sign the Roman Polanski petition), one of which was how much we hate motorcycles. 😛

      I like Ariel too, though I think my very favorite episode is Out of Gas. Out of Gas has such lovely character moments. But Ariel, yeah, is their most successful heist. Apart from (another favorite episode) the one where they get the Lassiter. I always love seeing Saffron.

  3. What did happen to those guys with that thing? And why didn’t the Operative have one of those? I just watched Serenity the other night, because I had received my eighth grad school rejection letter, and I realized that only the Fruity Oaty Bar song would cheer me up.

    My best friend and I spent at least an hour recently talking about how we love Ryan Phillippe and how he never seems to be in movies anymore and we should write him an Oscar-winning script and revive his career. So you’re not the only ones.

    • My recollection is that it’s addressed in the comics, the hands of blue guys. But I can’t remember exactly what happens to them, and even if I could, Robyn and I would still probably complain about their vanishing. I expect the Operative doesn’t have one of those brain-bleedy devices because it is more cool to run people through with a sword.

      Ryan Philippe, indeed? Robyn and I do not like Ryan Philippe because he was unfaithful to Reese Witherspoon, and we are protective of Reese Witherspoon because, you know, sister’s from the home state. We passionately dislike Anne Heche for the same reason. Our prejudices are numerous and entrenched. 😛

  4. I never had a sister – what must it be like to be one of four girls? Your dialogues are utterly hilarious. And I may as well register my vote for James McAvoy here, and also another one for Ewan McGregor.

    • It is, can I say, absolutely lovely to be one of four girls. I think I’m pretty close with all three of my sisters, and I feel like I can talk to them about anything. They are good about telling me if I am being a jerk, and they are good for animated debates about what Disney villain we would marry, if we absolutely had to marry a Disney villain. (Robyn says Gaston, but I could not marry him because he would put his dirty boots on my books, so I settled on Prince John from Robin Hood.)

      Speaking of Ewan McGregor, did you ever see Down with Love? Robyn and I think it was so underrated! It’s this really charming parody of those old Doris Day / Rock Hudson films, and Ewan McGregor is so funny in it!

      • I still say I’d marry Scar before I’d marry Gaston. I DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT. Gaston would want to make babies and then he would shame all the girls for being girls, and he’d ruin my books and get dogs even though I’m allergic. But yeah, Prince John, he’d be easy to manage. Obnoxious, but wouldn’t spoil my books.

      • Maybe Cruella DeVil? Granted, there’s the sexual orientation snag, but she does have style. And personally, I love that car.

      • Right, but I think when we were picking villains to marry, we were picking from the dude villains. Which really isn’t fair, now that I think about it, because Scar was in the pool to choose from, and we obviously meant, like, Human Version of Scar. If you toss in the women, I might go with Male Version of Ursula. I think Ursula would be fun to hang out with.

  5. Awesome news that your sister is coming home! Sisters rule 🙂

    I love the convo there on Ewan McGregor/James McAvoy.

    In fact – last week I went to The Last Station with my sister, and she said of James McAvoy “That role totally would have gone to Ewan McGregor 5 years ago.” hehe.

    You are in good company!

    • Oh I want to see The Last Station! I love love love Helen Mirren, and of course, I have a crush on lovely James McAvoy. Every time I start thinking I like Ewan McGregor better, I watch something with James McAvoy in (in this case, State of Play) and get all, “Ewan McGregor is great and all, but James McAvoy, he has an indefinable quality that makes him awesome.” 😛

  6. You have three sisters? I have three sisters! And the one with whom I have the most conversations is currently on your side of the Atlantic. Hooray for the internet, is all I can say.

    However, we do not tend to talk about Ewan McGregor. We are a bit more likely to talk about David Tennant, but even more likely to talk about people in books we read when we were little, and how *I* always thought they were petite and dark-haired and *she* always thought they were tall and blonde, but never bothering to actually go and look it up and see who was right because, hey, that’s not the point.

    • Isn’t it good to have sisters? I love my sisters! We are far more likely to talk about David Tennant too, actually. If Social Sister and I carry on a conversation about films and TV shows, we will eventually get back round to David Tennant because we think he is so great. But we also enjoy dissecting our opinions of various other people, like why exactly it is that we have a man-crush on Bill Nighy (he’s dry), or what quality does Carey Mulligan possess that makes her so irresistibly adorable (dimples).

  7. Speaking of offering you books: I’m sleep deprived but I seem to remember offering you a book I found by Josephine Tey. Did I actually, or did I just think about doing so and imagine up a deed to go with the thought? And if I did actually, did you want it, and if I didn’t actually, do you want it. Either way it’s cool, it only cost me 25 cents and I thought that on the off chance you might want it, it was worth getting at that price.

    • Oh yes! You did, and I forgot all about it. Yes, I would love to have it! Thank you! I have only ever read Daughter of Time by her, but I hear she is a superb mystery writer apart from that. Thank you Anna Banana! *makes heart with fingers*

  8. Aw, fun! What is it with sisters and needing to study in England? My sister just got back from her studies there 2-ish months ago, and will be going back next month for, um, indefinitely.

    Have fun with your sister while she’s visiting! 🙂

    • I will! We have lots of exciting plans, including, today, getting The Best Fast Food Fried Chicken Ever ™ and watching Beauty and the Beast. Cause, you know, we’re total party animals. 😛

  9. Now that I have taken care of the spinach of writing my own blog post, I can finally get to the ice cream of reading and commenting. And this is the kind of thing I’ve missed! Your sister sounds awesome.

    People have written serious essays about why Scotsmen are hot. I know because I heard one read on BBC radio years ago, when I had the good fortune to spend a year in Scotland. Kilts and calves are only the tip of the iceberg.

    • My sister is lovely. All my sisters are lovely! And we all love the Scots, though some more than others….my two older sisters do not necessarily put on Scottish accents for hours at a time because everything sounds funnier that way, and Social Sister and I have been known to do that. Please don’t tell Scotland. I don’t want them to think we’re in any way mocking them.

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