Best. Day. Ever.

But first, can I say?  The puppy is monster-sized now.  Every time I stop by my parents’ house, Jasmine M. Puppy has gotten huger.  At the start of February I already thought she was massive, if fluffy:

Monstrous, right?  Can’t possibly get any bigger than that?  Already the world’s largest ever puppy?  Aha, but this is before she got groomed.  I talked to my mother the day after Jasmine got groomed, and I asked her how the puppy looked, and she said tragically, “They groomed her like a poodle!”  (Which is what she is.)  And then my mother said, continuing tragic, “I feel like I took my sweet little innocent daughter and they made her look like a tart!”

Yes, tart.  That was what she said.  My mother used the word tart to describe the grooming done to our five-month-old puppy.

Notice that she does not look at all tarty.  She just looks lanky and huge.  That koala bear toy in the top right of the picture, the toy that is not quite as big as her legs, used to be as big as her whole self.  She is still extremely adorable and when I see her I still lapse into baby talk and insist on snuddling the baby on my lap cause she’s a baby wid her puppy face and I loves her cause she got a lil puppy nose.  Actually, for serious, with the new grooming job, her nose now looks comically large.  Her eyes are not normally squinty, but this is the picture that best shows off the enormousness of her enormous puppy nose.

Can you tell I want to kidnap this puppy and keep her forever?

Anyway, this is why today was glorious.  First?  I noticed that nearly everything on my grocery list was toiletries, and instead of going to Horrible Wal-Mart in my car, I walked with my feet to the drugstore and bought my toiletries there.  And then?  I discovered that Home Depot carries the good contact paper, the kind that I use to cover my paperbacks, the kind that Horrible Wal-Mart has recently ceased carrying, and so I went to Home Depot and got four rolls of the good contact paper.  FOUR.  ROLLS.  I will be able to cover so many paperbacks with this contact paper, thereby protecting the covers and keeping them all acid-free.

Then?  As I was driving home from the library where I went after Home Depot because it’s sort of on the way home and I wanted to pick up Female Chauvinist Pigs?  I got a call.  My grandmother wanted to give me a TV.  And then she gave me a TV with its digital converter thing, and y’all may not be aware of this, but it turns out that there can be these things called channels.  Channels.  That come to the television by magic on regular schedules.  It’s crazy.


Look, I know that this sounds like way too much good fortune for one day.  Skipping Wal-Mart, and then getting loads of the good kind of contact paper, and then getting a free TV with a digital receiver thing, all in sunny 65-degree weather.   But there’s more.

Then I went back to the massive book fair that there has been since Thursday.  (I took Thursday off so I could buy books.)  (I have been saving up money for this since December.)  Usually, on the last day of the book sale, sometime in the afternoon, they put all the books on even more sale, and everything becomes half-price.  So I picked up a bunch of books I wouldn’t have wanted if they weren’t half-price, and I carried them around waiting for the book sale people to announce the half-price thing was started.  They didn’t announce it, and they didn’t announce it, and I asked book sale people about it, and they didn’t announce it and they said they might not do it.

After a lot of waiting, and using my wiles to convince the people at the collectible books table to let me store my enormous bag there while I went and looked for more books (I did this by saying “But I bought a collectible book the other day.  I did!  I spent an unreasonable percentage of my saved-up money on it!  Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?”), I concluded they were never going to half-price the books.  I sadly took all my books out of my enormous heavy bag and sorted them into piles of Books I Wanted Anyway and Books To Put Back.  I cannot emphasize enough how sad I was about this.  And no sooner (this is true) had I sorted the Books To Put Back into piles by what table they had to go back to, at that exact moment they half-priced everything.

Check it.

I got the most beautiful copy of Paradise Lost ever.  It is all with the gold-tipped pages, and the William Blake illustrations.  Its beauty is remarkable, and it was $30, which is, in case you are wondering, more than the cost of all the books on the left-hand pile put together.  All the books in the left-hand pile put together cost $22.50.  Truth.  And do you see those two very pretty sets of the Chronicles of Narnia?  Those are for my sisters.  And how I got a better copy of The Charioteer than the one I currently have?

Now I’m sad that the day is over, because all the rest of the days of my whole life are going to be such an inevitable letdown.  I shall go now and watch television channels while covering all my new books with the good kind of contact paper.

49 thoughts on “Best. Day. Ever.

    • I know I know! Actually, Belong to Me was one of two books (along with Canticle for Leibowitz) that I particularly hoped to get at the book fair. I was so excited when I got them both!

    • I got all those books over three visits, actually. So on Thursday I went in the morning and filled up one massive canvas bag, and then I went in the afternoon and filled up another big canvas bag; and then I emptied them out on Thursday afternoon and went back Saturday for another batch. But actually, I spent a lot of time not hauling my bag around, because when you buy a fancy book (like my Paradise Lost), the fancy book table lets you store your books there while you shop. 🙂

  1. Looks like you got a massive amount of Elizabeth Peters. And Theatre Shoes, which I can’t remember at all. Which reminds me, I was just talking to my parents about the horror that is grad school applications (four rejections so far; I hope you’re having better luck), and I found myself saying, “If I were in a Noel Streatfeild book called Graduate School Shoes, I would be that one character who starts out strong and then hits a wall. Like in Skating Shoes.”

    • All the Elizabeth Peters appeared on the last day. It was crazy! I looked and looked for her books the first day and found nothing, and on Saturday I found like five.

      (One official rejection so far, three others have apparently already given out all their rejections, so nope, not very good luck! May have to think of a new life plan.)

  2. Fantastic stack of books! I bought a copy of A Cantacle for Lebowitz recently. I have heard lots of great things about it. I hope we both enjoy it.

    • I actually read it a while ago, on my sister’s recommendation. It’s so, so beautifully written, and though it doesn’t have exactly an overarching plot (I know you are big on plot!), each section is self-contained and the three sections are thematically linked. I hope you like it!

    • Thanks! Isn’t the puppy cute? I love the puppy!

      I’m sure I’ll have more good days. Right now I am watching the Oscars on one of my channels and turning the volume up and down from the couch just because I can. I love having a remote. And channels. 😛

  3. Aw, Jasmine M. Puppy is so adorable!

    And what a wonderful pile of books! I see Persepolis, The Blue Castle, Cold Comfort Farm, and ooh, that edition of The Woman in White looks so cool 😀

    • Ana, it is such an amazing copy. I want to marry it. I was standing in line trying to decide if I wanted it (it was four whole dollars, and I already own a paperback copy), but then I opened it up and found there were color illustrations inside, in wavery watercolors, the same kind of wavery watercolor illustrations I had in this Grimm’s fairy tales book when I was a kid, and I knew I had to get it. It’s gorgeous.

  4. Wonderful! From Jasmine (a real beauty) to the stacks of books! The books look like a fabulous haul with some great titles. One of my favorite books of all times is Studs Terkel’s Working and the musical based on some of the interviews is beyond fabulous. Haven’t read Race, but maybe I’ll look for it on my next library foray.

    • I’m reading Working right now and enjoying it a lot. I thought Terkel had only ever produced the one book, but actually he’s done loads, about all sorts of different topics. Race was on the expensive side (four dollars), so it was one of the ones that would have gotten left behind if they hadn’t half-priced everything. I’m glad they did though, and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

  5. Whenever I meet people with adorable doggies (especially golden retrievers), I will make a comment about dognapping the cutie…the owners will make a funny face like I am serious or something:) I can see why you would want to kidnap Jasmine M. Puppy…so sweet, groomed and ungroomed. So glad you didn’t have to put any of those books away…enjoy!

    • Hahaha, I am always making that joke too, and if the dog-owners chuckle, then I tell them how back in the day, bad guys used to kidnap dogs from rich people (like Elizabeth Barrett Browning) all the time and demand ransom to get the dogs back. Totally puts them at ease. 😛

    • Thank you! Isn’t she a darling? 🙂

      I actually (this is embarrassing to admit) already have a copy of Blue Castle, but I like this one better. I’m thinking maybe I will give my present copy away, because it is hard to find, and I feel guilty having two.

  6. Haha, apparently you were luckier than I at checkout. I got the ancient crone who could neither add (even with the aid of a calculator) nor divide by two (even with the aid of a calculator.) If I had had as many books as you did, it would have taken me AT LEAST a week to check out.

    Now to find shelf space for the haul….

    • Ha! I have PLENTY of shelf space, thanks to Major Video giving their bookshelf away! I am currently brainstorming how to rearrange my books on my two big bookshelves.

  7. That is a beautiful pile of books. And the puppy is so cute, she looks so grown up with her haircut! (I can’t believe it got her called a tart)

    • I know, doesn’t she look like a proper-sized dog now? When we take her to the dog park now, she looks like a real dog! (Not at all tarty.)

  8. I can see Persepolis there and that’s enough to make me so jealous! I haven’t gone to book sale for ages!

    ps: Cute puppy, though I wouldn’t call it puppy anymore 😀

    • I hardly ever get to a really good book sale, but this one happens once a year and is invariably amazing. 🙂

      I know she looks huge, but she really is still a puppy. She’s only five months old. She’s all clumsy and adorable.

    • Hahahahaha, thanks! I am feeling so pleased with myself right now, watching the Oscars on my new TV and covering my new books with contact paper.

    • Yeah, I just finished reading it, and I didn’t think it was gossipy at all. But it crushed me when they left Jonnie behind at the train station.

  9. I love this post – you write it so brilliantly. And I am drooling with lust over your books – wow. The puppy IS undeniably adorable, although my hair looks like her ears when it’s frosty, and I’m not always convinced of its stylishness… Perhaps it’s just a look that’s better on poodles than humans.

    • Aren’t my books beautiful? I know I should shelve them but they are still sitting in my living room so I can gaze at them all piled up.

      I support your hair. Poodles have human-like hair, so it is perfectly reasonable for a person’s hair to resemble a poodle’s. My mum has very fluffy hair herself, and she always looks lovely.

    • I tried to think of a way to say thank you graciously and alliteratively, but, um, I completely failed. Way to go you though, you are halfway to being Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut. 😛

    • OMG, I am shocked at how much I am enjoying having these channels. On Monday evening, I was practically shrieking with glee from being able to watch all three of my Monday shows (Castle, How I Met Your Mother, and you will judge me if I tell you the third even though, of course, I’m watching it ironically. :P).

    • I almost never buy books, honestly, throughout the year. But once a year they have this massive sale, and that’s when I splurge. After this I probably won’t get any new books for ages (apart from this one I ordered on PaperbackSwap, and that one I only ordered because it’s been on my wish list and it’s about Oscar Wilde and if I don’t order it now I’m afraid I shall never have it). (Methinks I doth protest too much.)

    • I have to confess, I have several of those Elizabeth Peters books in hardcover, but I kind of want them in paperback too so they will fit nicely in my purse if I go on vacation or something. I love her!

  10. How did you get all of those books out of there??? From what I can see: America’s Women is a great and fun read, I love the Kate Atkinson books, and am wanting to read Palace Walk myself.

    Love that you took the day off to buy books!

    • Hahahaha, those piles accumulated over several trips, and I have two really large canvas bags. When I went on Thursday, I sensibly brought both bags. Taking the day off for this book sale is my big spring treat to myself.

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