Dull dreams

I dreamed last week that I had checked out A Time to Keep Silence from the library, on Litlove’s recommendation, and was very let down by it.  Instead of writing about visiting monasteries, it was all about visiting chocolate factories!  In my dream, I got fed up with Fermor’s constant cutesy references to Willy Wonka, and in the end I took the book and stacked it neatly on top of the other library books I haven’t liked enough to finish.  And then this all receded into the fuzzy mess of vague memory, and as happens with absurd regularity, I forgot it was a dream.

Back in real life, when I went to edit my TBR list page yesterday evening, I deleted A Time to Keep Silence from my list.  I felt disappointed, and I was kind of frustrated that Litlove would have said it was about visiting monasteries, when all along it was about visiting chocolate factories.  I mean why would she say that?  I was just in the middle of thinking, Monasteries and chocolate factories!  Is that some sort of metaphor?  I don’t get it! when it occurred to me that it was actually pretty unlikely that a) she would have said monasteries by mistake for chocolate factories, or b) I would have read monasteries by mistake for chocolate factories.

Does anyone else have a hard time distinguishing dreams from reality?  It’s particularly trying when I have dreams that some small, nice thing has happened, and I feel all happy about it for a while (I mean it can take weeks for light to dawn), and then it turns out not to be true.

This one was rather likely – not the chocolate factories, but the tidy stacking of discarded books.  I’ve abandoned four books recently (The Book of Secrets, Luna, Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, and Indian Killer), though with plans in all cases but one to return to them later or try other books by the same writers.  A Time to Keep Silence would just have been another in a series of disappointments.

I’ve just realized I read two graphic novels – The Unwritten and Gunnerkrigg Court – both of which I liked and neither of which I reviewed.  And one of them featured Oscar Wilde, and the other was set at a boarding school.  So you would think I could have gotten it together to write those reviews.  Soon!

27 thoughts on “Dull dreams

  1. I am less likely to mistake a dream event, but the emotions I have in dreams really affect me strongly. Like sometimes I have to hide the fact that a dream really makes me hate or love someone that in reality I feel very differently about. I have to be very careful until the dream feeling wears off.

    I love that dream, though. I’m a strong dreamer, meaning I dream a lot and generally remember what I dreamt about, and it’s always fun to hear about people’s dreams.

    Those tags are nice, too…

    • I like being a strong dreamer myself. My little sister almost never remembers dreams, whereas I often have scraps of story ideas from dreams. I’d be crushed if I stopped remembering them – and yeah, I love hearing other people’s dreams. Except when they’re too revealing. Then I feel uncomfortable because I know that people are telling me WAY MORE about themselves than they probably want me to know.

  2. I once had a great dream that here was a whole new episode of firefly, and spent about a week getting excited about re-watching it and when I finally got a bit of free time, I couldn’t find it on any of the DVDs. I rarely find real life better than dreams.

    • I one time dreamed that there was an eighth TV series to Buffy, in episodes and all, and the comic books were just the novelization of it. I was so mad that I’d neglected it all this time, and also, I enjoyed it when Buffy had her fantasy about Little Women Christian Bale and Reign of Fire Christian Bale. Sigh.

  3. I don’t really mistake dreams for reality because my dreams are so absurd. That doesn’t make them any less disorienting though! I had quite a scary one about a month ago in which I was getting attacked by someone as I was dream sleeping in a bed. I kicked the attacker but in real like sleep I kicked the wall so it was this weird ‘i am dreaming but the action i did in dream world connected to an action i did in real world’. Needless to say, I woke up quite frightened and with my bed about two feet away from the wall.

  4. When I first started reading this, I understood it was a dream. But about halfway through the account, I began to doubt my own reading and wondered whether I’d got it all wrong, and there was more about chocolate factories in A Time to Keep Silence than I recalled. And by the end I got it straightened out again. So you can see I have all kinds of difficulty with reality, and dreams are just one obstacle in a path strewn with them. 😉

    • Haha, that’s funny. No! The chocolate factories were all a figment of my imagination. I’m at my worst in the mornings – I have to check things several times to make sure I’ve really done them, and not just dreamed I’ve done them.

  5. I have had dreams so ordinary and vivid that I thought they had really happened until something reminded me it wasn’t real. Lately I’ve been having dreams about gardening, which I know instantly aren’t real upon waking in the morning and seeing snow and icicles dripping outside the window!

  6. Now I am going to dream you reviewed a book about Oscar Wilde at boarding school, and be upset when I can’t find it at the library.

    • That? Would be an amazing dream. Or, I know, a boarding school OF WHICH Oscar Wilde is the headmaster. I advise you not to wake up from that dream until you have read the book all the way through.

  7. lol – I’ve had stuff like that happen to me, though I can’t think of any examples at the moment. Normally it’s more like, “hm, did I see/spoke to this person recently or did I just dream about them?”

    Happy to hear you liked The Unwritten, btw 😀

    • I really did like it! Thanks for the recommendation – I’m subscribed to it now by post, so I won’t have to wait for subsequent volumes to be released.

  8. Now you have ME confused. I may start checking the internet for a book titled “Keep Silent At Vespers Or The Oompa-Loompahs Will Get You.” *slightly dizzy*

  9. I had a friend who, when we were in college, would be mad at us for things we did in her dreams!

    My dreams often make me long to see someone I’ve dreamed about.

    I was hugely entertained by Johannes Cabal the Necromancer and reviewed it just about a year ago, in case you’re looking for any impetus to carry on.

    • There’s a Ben Folds (Five?) song like that – “Trusted” – that says “she’s pulled all the blankets over / curled in a ball / like she’s hiding from me and / that’s when I know / she’s gonna be pissed when she wakes up / for terrible things I did to her in her dreams”. 🙂

      I’ll bear that in mind about Johannes Cabal – I think maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I have all year to do the Horns and Halos challenge, so there’s no rush!

  10. I am like you! About the positive dreams, I mean. I find myself being absolutely sure some nice thing has happened, and then find out much later that it didn’t – I only dreamed it!

    I’ve taken to photographing or writing notes to myself about ‘real’ nice things, so that when I feel let down by a dream one, I can remind myself that there are lovely times and people.

    What an odd life, eh?

    • Oo, I like the idea of doing photographs of nice things. Or yeah, notes about nice things that are coming up. I should do that – maybe I will fetch my bulletin board and make it a Nice Things Board.

  11. I kind of wish I had abandoned Indian Killer. I think Sherman Alexie must have been going through a particularly angry phase when he wrote that, and also I think he’s a better short story writer and poet than he is a novelist. I like The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven and Ten Little Indians a lot.

  12. I don’t really remember dreams as often these days, but like another commenter wrote, it’s really the emotions that I feel that stay with me. I had an odd dream last night about an Internet friend. I know we really didn’t go to NYC together and prounce around with our shopping bags, but I remember laughing with her and having a great time and so strangely feel a little closer to her. Like we really are shopping buddies.

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