The puppy, a woeful lack of willpower, and Christmas gifts

Jasmine M. Puppy is getting bigger and bigger.  Soon I will have to call her Jasmine M. Dog.  Every time I see her, she seems to have gotten bigger.  Her nose is longer.  It is harder to support all of her feet when I scoop her up, and indeed I am scooping her up less and less, as my parents are trying to train her to be a standard-poodle-sized dog rather than a lap dog.  Here she is at seven weeks, with her toy koala bear:

And here is a picture of her with her koala toy from eleven weeks or so:

Look at the size of her head vs. the size of the koala bear’s head.  Do you see that?  How she has become enormous like a monster puppy?  In a few more weeks she will be big enough to live in the kennel that used to house our last dog, who was very tall.  She will be too big to be frightened by the exercise ball which now terrifies her (my parents roll it at her like Rover in The Prisoner).

I meant to post a picture of my new art ages ago, and I just kept forgetting to photograph it.  I bought art again!  It is my sister’s fault.  She wanted to go down to the art market to get some Christmas gifts, and I agreed, and then once we were there, gazing upon a really beautiful Cetin Ates piece called “The Resurrection of Jesus”, she tempted me into buying it.  With her words.  She did.  I was planning on saving money like anything; if I spent it on anything, it was going to be on maybe a pretty haircut or some nice new shoes.  Instead I bought this very beautiful sculpture:

I’m afraid I’m becoming acquisitive.  Happily Christmas has just happened and I may not need any new thing for the next several years.  Because I love it when people post pictures of their new books, I have arranged all my Christmas gifts into an aesthetically pleasing configuration, and photographed them.

Do you see all my new books?  My new books that are many?  And my nice new shoes?  And my cute hat?  Do you see?  (yay)  Now all I have to do is organize them.  I have run out of space on my DVD shelf and will have to bleed over onto my new downstairs bookshelf; Wal-Mart refuses to get the appropriate sort of contact paper, so I have all these unprotected paperback books hanging around in my contact-papering workspace; and if I shelve everything, I’ll just have to move them all again after the book fair.  How can I organize anything under these conditions?  Can’t!  Simply can’t be done!  I’ll have to just leave everything in the middle of my living room floor for now!  And watch a few minutes of Hamlet before going out to have an awesome day with my sister!  (He cannot decide whether to kill Claudius at prayers.  Spoiler alert: He decides not to.)

Okay, now I’m going to drink coffee and eat a mocha chocolate drizzle biscotti, and then my sister and I are going to go try on beautiful gowns, and after we’ve done that, we’re going to get Indian takeout and EAT IT and then watch Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two.  It’ll be sad but we’ll be able to soldier through it because we’ll have Indian food.

22 thoughts on “The puppy, a woeful lack of willpower, and Christmas gifts

  1. Anything can be borne with a curry by your side. And a cup of tea, of course; I am English.

    What great presents! Love the shoes. And your puppy is adorable. The Dr Who finale is very sad; I watched it with my best friend and we don’t even like Dr Who, but we were blinking back tears at the end. I’m upset that I fancy David Tennant just a bit…not sure why I do, but I just do. Sometimes life is like that.

    • Oh I certainly fancy David Tennant, and I was not one bit ready to see him go. I thought I was more or less resigned, but the regeneration scene was like this:

      TARDIS: *explodes*
      Tenth Doctor: *regenerates*
      My sister: *sobs*

      *sigh* Very sad.

  2. WOW-she’s so much bigger! That is a beautiful sculpture, and your Christmas loot rocked!

    I now want Indian food, even though I had it yesterday. lol

    • We didn’t end up getting Indian food – my sister wasn’t in the mood for it. I am still in the throes of my craving. I’m glad you like my sculpture. I know it’s not a great photograph, I’m going to try and get a better one sometime.

  3. What a cute puppy! It is amazing how fast they grow!

    I love looking at photos of other peoples books too – it looks as though you did well!

    Have a great 2010!

    • I know! And now she’s so big it’s fifty times easier for her to get into up-high mischief. But harder for her to wriggle under the house or through the bars of her gate, so I guess it’s a trade-off. 🙂

  4. Aw, Jasmine M. Puppy is adorable.

    I love the picture of your Christmas loot! The shoes are indeed very cute, and the books look great, and Little Miss Sunshine and Coraline!

  5. ooh! very nice stash! if you need a coupon for white house black market, they put them out every other month or so. usually $25 off of $100. if you need help getting your hands on one, let me know!

    • Thanks! I actually just bought my dress, and it was under $100, which was exciting for me. But this coupon business is good to know if I ever become wealthy, because seriously, ever dress Robyn and I tried on looked excellent on us.

  6. Puppy is SO cute! If we were to get a dog, it would be a chocolate-brown poodle. A friend of mine has one and he is too darn cute!

    Lovely pic of the Christmas prezzies, too – Santa was good to you!

    Mmmmm … Indian … Every couple of weeks I have to make the trek into the city to satisfy my craving for it. It’s worth the 45-minute drive!

    • My parents actually have to get poodles – the family has allergies, so they can’t get a dog with regular fur and such. Fortunately standard poodles are such great dogs – fairly low-key and sweet and clever. 🙂

  7. LOL! I love your please Christmas gift configuration! Very nice indeed. I love seeing everyone’s loot, too. Very lustworthy (I want those shoes!). Jasmine M. Puppy is adorable! I just wanna squish her.

    • I want to squish her too sometimes. NOT IN A CUTE WAY. She has been being so naughty the last few times I’ve seen her – if she weren’t so cute, she’d be in big trouble.

  8. The puppy is adorable, and I also like your sculpture very much – the elongation is fierce and yet the poses have a quality to them that is benign and almost tender. And lovely Christmas haul.

    • I adore my sculpture. I have always thought crucifixes are a bit sad – if you believe Jesus is the Savior, why celebrate his death rather than his life? – so I love that this sculpture celebrates both.

  9. OMG your puppy is so cute!! (I like when she’s smaller, of course 🙂

    You got so many presents! I’m jealous. In my family Christmas is hardly about presents. In fact what I remember about it is that as a kid we (me and my brothers, sometimes my dad) would be dragged to church by my mom… Of course we were dragged every week, but Christmas was an extra church on weekdays (if it fell on weekdays, like it usually was).

    • We are ALL ABOUT presents in my family. Er, not in a materialistic way – we just like giving each other things, and the rest of the year we can’t do it that much.

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