Small things that are making my life better

(in the mornings)
(since the holiday ended)

1. Abandoning the use of my alarm clock.  Who needs ’em?  When I set my clock, I only hit snooze a zillion times because I don’t want to get out of my warm warm bed.  So I’ve got my clock set for the latest possible time I could get up and still make it into work with my hair and teeth brushed (around 8:30), and I find I’m getting up around the time I had set my clock for originally (around seven).

2. The last three mocha chocolate drizzle biscotti from Madame Grand Doigt.  Coffee is already pretty amazing, but dip some mocha chocolate drizzle biscotti all in there?  Mmmmm.  I wonder if Madame Grand Doigt could be induced to tell me where she got these biscotti so that on a rare occasion when I am in the mood for a special treat, I could get some myself…shame she’s a mysterious Santa-Claus-like lady.  (Who doesn’t have a Wikipedia page?  Come on, Internet!  You are failing me!)

3. Watching the BBC’s new Hamlet in brief increments every morning before work.  Shakespeare is probably up in heaven going “What – why – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” and “My God, woman, watch it the way it’s meant to be watched!” and “I AM NOT GOING TO BE YOUR FRIEND WHEN YOU GET UP HERE,” but I’m pretty sure that I will be able to wear him down by the constancy of my love so that when I get to heaven, he’ll have forgotten I ever did such a thing.  And be my heaven-BFF.  Of course.  Hamlet might be okayish after all.  I do not yet concede that it’s wonderful because I am so scarred from my senior-year English class.

4. Well, this isn’t in the mornings anymore.  But this definitely made my life better.  The puppy in general; esp. as I am not called upon to be her primary caretaker.  Anyway, this evening I was watching Up with my father, sister, sister’s boyfriend, and our puppy, and:

Scary dogs in Up: Bark growl bark bark bark!
Our puppy: *runs away*

Later she figured out they were inside the TV, and she stared intently at the TV for a really long time.  I guess this means she won’t be bothered by barking dogs in movies anymore?

5. I was driving at night, and when I turned a corner, my sunglasses fell out of the place in my car where they are stored, and I could not find them again.  I couldn’t find them anywhere, and I got really sad because I thought I had lost them forever.  Two hours later, when I headed back to my apartment, my other pair of sunglasses fell out too, following the exact same trajectory.  I found both pairs at once!

14 thoughts on “Small things that are making my life better

  1. You abandoned your alarm clock, and I put it to work once again after dumping it in the darkest recesses of my cupboard during my vacation 🙂

    Hamlet was one of the earliest Shakespeares I read, and I honestly didn’t understand much of it. I haven’t given it another try, because I sense that leisure and patience is needed for me to get through it, neither of which I have much of.

    • Well, I read it in high school, and we spent just ages and ages on it. There was a lot of discussion about whether Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech meant that he was contemplating suicide. I felt like that was fairly straightforward; our teacher felt like it was worth discussing FOR TWO DAYS. After a while I just never wanted to look at the damn play again, but the BBC’s version is changing my mind.

  2. Aside from The Reduced Shakespeare Company, my favorite thing related to William are those Shakespearan insults mug. Faabulous!

    • She’s not something we grew up with, but this year I spent New Year’s with an aunt and uncle, and my uncle’s Cajun, and my aunt loves buying presents. So there were many goodies when we woke up in the morning!

  3. I love your alarm story! I’ve been trying to get up super early so I can get things done (my son is stopping napping, I think so I’m loosing that mid-day break) but I seriously want to kill my alarm. I can’t do it. I like you plan and maybe I’ll try it too.

    • It works as long as you’ve got a good internal clock. I wake up at seven o’clock on the dot nearly every day, even weekends, but if I had to start getting up at 6:30 or 6, I’m not sure I’d manage without my alarm. Does yours beep or play music? Cause beeping makes me want to smash it, but having the radio come on isn’t bad.

  4. The biscotti sound yummy! We pretty much get up as late as we possibly can in our house. 🙂

    I like watching Hamlet a lot more than reading it, but that pretty much goes for all of Shakespeare’s plays.

    • Mm, the biscotti are so lovely. I only have one left now!

      Plays in general are exponentially better when they’re performed – though you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to come to this conclusion. These days I never feel like I’ve really read one of Shakespeare’s plays unless I’ve seen it performed, preferably at the Globe. (:

  5. I’m so glad the little things ARE making a difference! Urban legend says they should. I think it ought to be illegal to start work before 10 in the morning, but that probably doesn’t count as ‘little’. 🙂

    • Mmm, it would be lovely to start at ten – only then I wouldn’t be done until six. I’d always rather get up earlier and get home earlier, than sleep late and have no time in the evenings to read and spend time with friends.

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