We had a sad end of Thanksgiving – my family dog died quite suddenly on Sunday.  She was a lovely dog, really just the best dog you ever met.  We got her when I was eleven, and she was three months old and very fluffy.  For the longest time we couldn’t think what to call her – we called her Porcupine as a placeholder nickname, and my mother finally came up with Nora.  Nora was extraordinarily beautiful if difficult to capture in photographs (but here’s a picture of her anyway), and even when she was an old dowager dog, she still mostly acted like a scampery playful puppy.  We are rather forlorn without her.


My sister says it is funny to behold me when I am ill (because I rarely am).  She says I get all What is this uncomfortable feeling I am feeling, this unpleasant pain-like experience that is happening to me?  I do not recognize it but I am confident I do not like it.  So when I get allergies, WHICH ARE NOT A REAL SICKNESS BUT JUST MY IMMUNE SYSTEM ACTING A FOOL, I feel extraordinarily resentful.  I have had allergies the past few days, peaking on Saturday, and these are the strategies I have tried to get rid of them:

1. Complaining really loudly to myself in my apartment as I fling Kleenex in the direction of the trash bins (“UNHAPPY.  UNHAPPY.  UNHAPPY.”)
2. Implementing the same basic trouble-shooting process I use with crying babies; which is to say, I fed me, wrapped me up in blankets, gave me toys to play with (books and then cross-stitching and West Wing), and finally as a last resort put me down for a nap.
3. Taking very small doses of Benadryl.  Bigger doses make me unfit to drive.
4. Acquiring local honey and putting it in my coffee.  Remember how I said I hate honey? (And honey mustard and honey in tea and honey baked ham/turkey/chicken and anything with honey.)  I hate allergies more.  Local honey cures allergies and I will have it in my coffee or spread on bread or in my ramen noodles or anything as long as it gets rid of my allergies.
5. Ordering my immune system to knock it off (“There is nothing wrong!  You lymphowhateverthings that fancy yourselves Paul Revere can go back inside!  Save it for an actual germ, my God!”).  I know, it’s pretty cutting, and may hurt my immune system’s feelings.  But I think when my immune system goes on red alert in reaction to blooming ligustrum (that’s privet to our neighbors across the pond) or cane burning or whatever, it has earned a sharp reproof.


TEASER TUESDAYS asks you to:

  • Grab your current read.
  • Let the book fall open to a random page.
  • Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
  • You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
  • A while ago, I bought an unreasonable number of books at our university’s book bazaar.  I took that entire day off work just to buy that unreasonable number of books, the first day I had taken off work in five months.  And of all the books I bought that I hadn’t read before, I have only since then read one of them.  And I didn’t think much of it.

    I find it strange that the book I picked to read was Elizabeth Gilbert’s Stern Men, all about lobster fishing, a subject that holds little to no interest to me.  I believe I was thinking I would start it, get bored, and post it on PaperbackSwap, and the whole process would feel cleansing.  But so far it is quite enjoyable, and so for Teaser Tuesdays I say unto you:

    Why was her mother such a china shop in the first place?…Ruth was used to women like the Pommeroy sisters, who strode through life as though they were invincible.


    32 thoughts on “Miscellany

    1. Oh, how sad about your dog! Pets are such good companions, it’s hard to lose them.

      I like your teaser…I know some people I might classify as “china shop” types too. That’s a great phrase.

      • It really is hard. I lost my cat a few years ago – she’d been around since I was seven or eight, and she had always been my responsibility, and I still get teary when I think about her.

        I know, I was pleased the book fell open to that bit! I’m not completely sold on this book, but Elizabeth Gilbert has some really excellent, incisive observations in there.

    2. Great personality descriptions in that teaser! I smiled at the thought of someone being described as ‘such a china shop.’ Nice teaser!

      If you want, you can check out mine here.

      • Thanks! I liked yours as well – looking forward to your review of the book! P.S. Your name is really pretty. I always always wanted my name to be Cecelia. 😛

    3. I’m sorry about your dog, that is so tough 😦

      I loved your remedies for allergies, and I feel your pain! Every time I go home then come back to school I am struck with the plague. Benadryl doesn’t bother me, but Sudafed makes me act a fool. I usually have a benadryl at night/sudafed during the day regiment, and they go away fairly quickly. Feel better!

      • Thanks for the condolences and allergy sympathy. I’m not sure at this point if it’s allergies, a cold, a sinus-y reaction to having the heat on at night, or some combination of all those things. UNPLEASANT.

      • Thank you. 😦

        I have reached a point with this sniffliness where I have come to believe that it will NEVER EVER go away. I am resigning myself to a life of pain and misery and sleeping with a box of Kleenex. I will bear it. People will admire my courage in such brutal adversity.

      • Thank you so much. I think it’s easier for me because I’ve lived away from my parents’ house for several years now – I know when my cat died, every time I went to my parents’ place, something reminded me of her. It’s the day-to-day reminders that are the hardest (I think).

    4. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog – that is terribly sad.

      The story about your allergies made me laugh a lot, though. I do hope you feel better now – those strategies must surely be foolproof!

      • Thanks. Everyone’s so nice! When my cat died, my mum was going through training to be a crisis counselor, and she mentioned that I was incredibly upset by the loss of my cat. And one of the guys in her training class said, “That just goes to show, even something small can set off a crisis.” Big jerk. Obviously never had a pet.

      • Me too with the Benadryl! I once took two teaspoons of it and then drove to my dorm, and that is the only time I’ve ever thought, I should not have gotten into this car. I was fighting so hard to keep my eyes open – thankfully it was a short drive! I’ve got some Zoloft I might try, though that hasn’t worked great in the past for me.

    5. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog! That is the saddest thing.

      I hate allergy days too. What’s really bad is when we get over our allergy season and then have a reason to travel to another part of the country where they are just starting! So if you’re staying home, I hope it will be over soon!

      • Thank you! She’ll certainly be missed.

        I am staying home, apart from a camping trip around New Year’s. Hopefully that won’t set me off again, though in fairness our “camping trips” do largely consist of sitting inside under blankets, eating gumbo and brisket, and reading out loud to each other in front of the fire. Cuddly but not a lot of contact with the outdoors. 😛

      • It IS the welcoming thing, isn’t it? I keep going over to my parents’ place and expecting to see her. All wagging her tail and going around in circles, and it’s hard not to have her there.

    6. I’m so sorry that your dog passed away! I know how heart-breaking that is.

      I love West Wing though, and watch it when I’m needing some fun entertainment. I also am not a fan of honey. 🙂 I seem to catch everything that’s in the air though (especially since my kids were born – they just love to share the germs) so it’s lucky for me that I don’t have allergies. If I did I can’t imagine what it would be like between the sicknesses and the pollen. Hope you are feeling better soon!

      • Thank you!

        Allergies are miserable, but mine seem to be clearing up. (Knock wood.) Probably as a result of my superb buffet of allergy-curing strategies. 😛

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