I am a fail book blogger

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t read any of my other books for the RIP IV Challenge, and they all came due today, and I had to renew them by an unnecessarily complicated process because the library is also being fail lately.  Anyway so I grabbed Let The Right One In (why is it called Let Me In on my copy?) to read it and I came to a realization.

I am just tired of vampires.  I have had enough.  There are vampires everywhere and it is too many vampires, and I need a break from them.  But there is no break to be had because everywhere I go there are MORE VAMPIRES.

Er, I am going to see New Moon though.  Although Edward will not be squatting on a tree branch looking like an albino chimpanzee, like he did in the film of Twilight, a major plot point in New Moon is how to stop him from committing suicide by public sparkling.  It’s a race against time to stop the people of Rome from seeing his perfectly sculpted chest in all its ice-cold rock-hard sparkly glory.  Plus I’m sort of excited about seeing Dakota Fanning be all evil, because I like her, and I strongly support her transition into adult actress, and I hope that she manages to pull it off like Natalie Portman, who went to college and speaks languages and supports microfinance.  Rather than crashing and burning and being on drugs like many child stars.

But apart from that (they’re not real vampires if they sparkle) I am done.  I cannot look at another vampire book or film.  Let the Right One In was strange and creepy and may have been fascinating, but it didn’t matter because as soon as Eli glomped onto her victim and began biting his throat, I was all, I HAVE HAD IT.  I CANNOT READ ABOUT VAMPIRES ANYMORE.  I tried to keep reading but after a while I noticed that I was thinking, This is how the soldiers in World war I must have felt slogging through all the mud in the trenches and stuff, and although the soldiers in World War I probably would not appreciate this comparison, it was enough to make me realize that I didn’t want to finish the book.  (Though that could also be attributable the pedophile, and the awful schoolchildren, and the slaughtery murders – I am willing to entertain the notion that this book is just too dark for me.)

World, look, I get it.  Vampires are all strong and broody, and they are a metaphor for how sex = death, and you love them more than your mama right now.  But don’t you see that you can’t have all vampires all the time?  Please get sick of vampires soon and let go on a proper break from them and eventually come back from my break and enjoy Angel again!  If the library hadn’t suddenly abandoned its hold system, I would cancel my hold on True Blood because actually, I am not in the mood for HBO (“Because We Can”) and their shenanigans, or for fakey Louisiana accents, or especially for any more damn vampires.

So no review is forthcoming for Let the Right One In.  I am going to read Alias Grace and The Seance instead.  I hate not finishing books, especially when I suspect it’s my fault, not the book’s fault.  But I can’t finish it.  I just can’t.

My plan for this autumn: Fewer vampires and more wholesome sunny football games.  GLORIOUS.  WE WILL WIN EVERYTHING.

Is this just me?  Is anyone else tired of the vampires everywhere you turn?  Also, if you do not live in America, is this vampire-mania the same in other places?  Is Europe obsessed with vampires too?  I will be very sad if so because that means I cannot escape by going on vacation to London.

30 thoughts on “I am a fail book blogger

  1. Jenny, I live in the UK and don’t see vampires everywhere, but then that may be because I’m not looking in the right places! I have only read one vampire book and tend to avoid them in films/on the TV. I can understand your boredom of them and hope you enjoy The Seance – I loved it!

  2. I’m getting pretty tired of vampires, yeah. I already don’t read that many vampire books, but I honestly don’t feel reading another unless it’s really, really different from every other vampire book out there (vampires from space? disco vampires?). Just the saturation of vampire books is enough to make me tired of vampires.

    I think werewolves might be the next vampires. And since I care less about werewolves than I care about vampires, I’m now waiting for something like mermaids to come into fashion. 😉

  3. I’m with you here…I’m totally sick of vampires in literature…completely! I did really enjoy Let the Right one in though…I thought it was unique and very different from most vampire stories out there. And I had to laugh at what you said about True Blood! The fake Louisiana accents bug the hell out of me!!!! I’ve never heard anyone talk like that here, and I’ve yet to meet a black man (or any man) named Lafayette.

  4. Guh! I’m tired of vampires, too. I was so excited because of True Blood and then suddenly, halfway through season two, I just had to stop. Is not that I don’t like vampires anymore, it is just all so TIRESOME. I had to fight my way through their shows and books and overall darkness… and then I started to read “The Strain” which is very entertaining, but… I can’t. Is masochism D:

    (Hi! I’m a lurker! Well… not anymore, I suppose)

  5. One the one hand, yes, I am getting a wee bit tired of all of the new vampires out there… but on the other hand, you’ll have to pry my True Blood DVDs out of my cold dead (but not vampiric) fingers. Maybe it’s because there’s enough other stuff going on that it’s not all “OMG vampires are the bestest and they suck blood and are room temperature and that’s totally awesome” all the time.

    I think you could probably make the argument that fairies are the new vampires.

  6. I know what you mean about getting tired of seeing them everywhere, but I really enjoyed Let the Right One In as a book and a film. I now have my Twilight DVD ‘experience’ to go through….
    Oh, and I think zombies are likely to be the next vampires…

  7. I guess since I had my fill of vampire lit when I was younger – when I was an avid fan of all things vampires AND vampire lit was much harder to come by – I don’t really go much for them now. I read the Twilight series only after much prodding from other readers (and really, like you said – they’re not really vampires), and have no interest in the Sookie Stackhouse books or show or any of the other dozens of vampire books out there now. Like anything else, it’s a trend which will ultimately burn out and subside – in fact, there’s speculation now that zombies are the new ‘it’ monster.

  8. Even though I want to read this book, I completely understand the vampire burnout. And I was going to link to the same Neil Gaiman interview Claire linked to. My little corner of Europe also seems to be obsessed, yes. But more with the sparkly kind, so it’s possible that they don’t count.

  9. I’ve never been overly obsessed with bloodsuckers. Leeches, mosquitoes, vampire bats…vampire birds. I just want to squish them and make them give my blood back. Thinking back, werewolves, witches and ghosts were my obsessions. Maybe I need to read Dracula. Maybe it’s because, when I was younger, vampires freaked the crap out of me because I always imagined them as being gaunt and sickly, with pale, bloodless faces and hands…tapeworm coloured flesh.. ew. I even like Zombies better. I’m not afraid of zombies. And they look worst. 😛

    Erm, and as far as the vampires = sex = death by over indulgence, I’m good. I’ve read/watched my fill for the moment. Perhaps, since the whole north american (and perhaps european) world seems caught in the spiral of vampirism, you naturally feel the need to hop off the band wagon.

    Also, I’m not watching New Moon. I’m resisting! Even though Taylor Lautner is such an attractive specimen. I just cannot stand Kristen Stewart. I don’t like her deadpan acting (just my opinion). I can watch things that are incredibly sappy and survive and still adore it. But, if the chemistry’s not there between the main actors, it’s agonizing for me to watch.

  10. Also, how interesting that other people are bringing up what is “the next vampire”. I think society as a whole is gravitating towards the fantasy and supernatural more than ever before! I remember a time when it was uncool to be obsessed about things like that. I used to never tell anyone that I read fantasy because they would look at me like I was some dork, or a sociopath or something. Thanks to the Harry Potter and Twilight Phenomena, I think more teens and adults, too, are dipping their toes into fantasy! Which is cool…

  11. I guess I just don’t understand why they suddenly became so trendy. I mean, I was into horror and the supernatural at a young age, and Anne Rice and books like Silver were standard fare for me (though I am shocked I never happened across The Vampire Diaries), but suddenly, they are EVERYWHERE.

    I’m going to go ahead and blame Twilight.

    Wait, hear me out. Ever since those books took off and started selling like the proverbial hotcakes, people realized that they weren’t just appealing to a YA audience, but to adults as well. And, trying to capitalize off of that, people started either creating or optioning all this other vampire-related material. Kind of like how comic-related material has been hot property for a while, when it used to be just for dorks and nerds. Soon we’ll relinquish vampires back to the goths.

    You’ll probably pick it up again one day in years to come when you can stand vampires again. (The only ones I can stand now are the bestial, evil ones. I’m sick of this romance crap. Ephebophiles!)

  12. Jackie – Oh goody. Yet another reason to plan a vacation to London – though since I just went in May and am now poor as a church mouse, this is all pending a major lottery win on my part. 😛 I’m looking forward to The Seance! Sounds so Gothic and fun!

    Anastasia – I’m not really into werewolves either, but maybe if they become the new thing people can start doing something new with them. Like I read something recently that was saying, why are there never any girl werewolves, when werewolves are associated with the moon etc.? I’d like to see people do more interesting things with werewolves – I think they haven’t yet reached their potential.

    Claire – That interview was very validating – I completely agree with what he said. Vampires are like pirates – it’s their existence on the fringes that makes them interesting. They’re too mainstream right now (vampires, not pirates, though I did celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day on Saturday :P). I may end up watching True Blood despite what I have said. My friend is very very into it and she really wants to get me to watch it.

    Chris – I wish I’d read Let the Right One In sooner! I think I could have enjoyed it a lot.

    I will say this for True Blood – at least it’s set in North Louisiana where that kind of drawl is more common. Mostly when things are set in Louisiana, they’re set in New Orleans. And everyone there is Cajun and calls people cher and does voodoo. During Mardi Gras. 😛

    Bea – Hi! I’m gratified that you delurked to express solidarity on this vampires issue. 🙂 You are very brave to try to read something by Guillermo del Toro. After Pan’s Labyrinth I am way too much of a chicken to venture into del Toro territory again.

    Nicki – Fairies can be awfully twee, so I don’t know if that’s an improvement.

    Y’all are all making me reconsider my attitude towards True Blood! And I do like Anna Paquin a lot…

    Bride of the Book God – Zombies actually would be much better. I didn’t like zombies in the first place so there’s nothing to be spoiled for me there. I can just steer clear of the madness and never be tempted.

    Lesley – It makes me sad because I do like vampires! I think part of my frustration is that so few books/films/TV shows have done vampires really well, so I’ve had all these mediocre vampire stuff flying at my head all the time (TWILIGHT THIS IS YOUR FAULT). Putting me off the few good things like Angel and, very possibly, Let the Right One In.

    Jeane – I really liked that one you recommended, the Barbara Hambly book. See, that is what I mean – vampires have all these possibilities, and still people keep doing the same tired old things with them over and over, or else coming up with new vampire things that are idiotic (viz., the fact that Stephenie Meyer’s vamps sparkle).

    Nymeth – If I never see another reference to the Twilight books it will be too soon. They were so funny the first time I read them (because I thought nobody could possibly take them seriously), and everything I read about them now just kills the funny. Like The Internet believing Edward is perfect. And Stephenie Meyer wishing she had an Edward in her life (her husband’s at home like, Thanks, honey).

    Sharry – Oh, go on. See it if you want to! I saw Twilight with my friend and my little sister, and I really thought we were going to have to leave the theater, we were laughing so hard. I’m laughing right now because I’m remembering Edward’s face when she first walks into the classroom – oh my God. I anticipate much hilarity with boys exploding into wolves and sparkling in Rome…

    You know, you’re right about the fantasy stuff generally being more trendy these days. I like that in theory, though I don’t think Twilight is doing much to pull speculative fiction out of its literary ghetto. 😛 In film and TV, it seems to me like good sci-fi and fantasy are getting more attention and acclaim. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking?

    Schatzi – Dude, I absolutely blame Twilight. In no way do I not blame Twilight. I am adding it to Twilight’s rap sheet – glorifying stalking, stupidest changes to vampire lore ever, ruining vampires for me. Yeah, Twilight has a lot to answer for. And thanks for teaching me a useful new word about sexual preferences!

    Violet – I am getting on a plane to India tomorrow. 😛 (I would love to go to India someday actually.)

  13. Jenny, you took the words right out of my mouth. I was a big vampire fan since about the age of 13 when I saw my first vampire film (which I actually can’t remember the name of at the moment) and I loved Anne Rice’s novels and Stephen King’s, etc. etc. and now I can’t stand them.

    It’s like the whole world has suddenly woken up to the fact that vampires are awesome. And that drives me nuts. I don’t like the vampire romance novels that are out now because the whole idea of vampires being these dark and mysterious things was that they were *secretly* sexy. They were scary, dangerous creatures that we all secretly thought were actually kind of hot. When you take away the mystery and say “Here’s a vampire and a human falling in love again and again and again and again, it gets boring. 😛

    I’m done with vamps for now. My second love is werewolves and I hope that that creature doesn’t get overdone once New Moon is released. Erggg.

    BTW, I *loved* Let the Right One In – It was so different from the stuff they’re churning out today (I find Twilight, Sookie whatsherface, Vampire Diaries all very same-ish) and much more like the old-fashioned Anne Rice/Brian Lumley vampire stuff. 🙂

    • I’m sad that something as probably wonderful as Let the Right One In had to bear the brunt of all my pent-up crossness with vampires. In a few years I’ll go back to it, and I’m sure I’ll like it better then. But yeah, the vampire dude/human girl romance has been done to death at this point.

  14. You’re welcome, Jenny. 🙂

    And yes, let’s dig werewolves now. They’ve got a lot more appeal at the moment, for me at least. Is Blood and Chocolate any good?

    • I don’t know if the book of Blood & Chocolate is any good. I saw the film and it was completely silly – but that’s no measure of the book, of course. I can’t even remember the plot now. There was chocolate. And werewolves.

      • I totally forgot there was a movie! Though it’s silly, I will probably watch it just for fun–while reading it. Because I decided I ought to read it, since I really enjoyed The Silver Kiss by the same author. Though I did not realize that was the title. I must have been so embarrassed.

  15. I tend to get excited about challenges, but as soon as I enter I immediately feel like they are suffocating me. I hate having something dictate what I should read. I even belong to a book club where there isn’t a set book, everyone just brings what they have read recently, we talk about it, we swap. So don’t feel bad about not finishing reading challenges. Life is to short to not enjoy what you are reading.

    As for vampires…I don’t think I have ever read a book with vampires, not even Dracula. I’m okay with that.

    • I didn’t mean to imply I don’t love the RIP IV Challenge, cause I totally do. I’ve just realized I need to steer clear of the vampire stuff. I’m all about the Gothic novels still, and since everyone on the interwebs loves Wilkie Collins right now, I may be revisiting some of his stuff.

  16. There do seem to be a lot of vampires around, well, a fair amount of the undead in its infinite variety. I would certainly push for Alias Grace, which I loved. Dark and troubling, undoubtedly, but only from very vital, human causes!

  17. Hear Hear Sista!
    Actually I read Dracula a couple of years ago and found out that Dracula died and all other vampires with him so I feel no procliity to read any other vampire stories. Sorry Stephenie Meyer and the rest of mankind. I’m just not interested.

    • Yay! Down with vampires!

      (Not a winning battle cry with, you know, the world – all the bookshops have these massive vampire books & films displays. But I feel like all the interest has to die down eventually.)

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