So I’ve never had an eReader, but they sound fantastic.  I mean you can put dozens of books up on those things and stick ’em in your purse, and there you go, you have a whole bunch of books.  That would make packing for long trips GLORIOUSLY EASY.  Instead of hurling me into an agony of indecision.

I bring this up because the lovely people at Irex have partnered with Bongs & Noodles (Bongs & Noodles!  hurrah!) so that they have access to loads and loads of titles in the B&N database.  Wait, no, that’s not why I brought it up.  (I love Bongs & Noodles though.)  I brought it up because Irex is giving one away.  And they want to know what the most important thing in an eReader is.

For me, non-proprietary file types.  I am in love with Project Gutenberg – in high school my friend tim and I were constantly printing out books from Project Gutenberg in very small type and reading them during class.  And it made me sad when I discovered you had to pay money to the Amazon Kindle in order to convert those files into a compatible format.  I mean not much BUT STILL.  I am in love with the idea that you could have an eReader , and you could put on it ZILLIONS of books from Project Gutenberg.

Possibly if I ever got an eReader, I would be worried about other things, like storage space or how the pages turn or what the screen is like.  But I have nothing to compare to, so mostly right now I am interested in the possibility of being able to have any Project Gutenberg book at my fingertips, while also being able to buy books for B&N for cheap and read them forever.  Damn.


6 thoughts on “eReaders

  1. Ooh, let us know what it’s like. I’m still unsure about ebooks because I love the smell and feel of a good books but I don’t half feel guilty about it – so many trees! :-S Ebooks would definitely help the environment more. 🙂

    • Hm, that’s a good point – hadn’t even thought about the environment thing. Well, they’re giving one away, but it’s – you know, it’s a giveaway, so I probably won’t get it. I do want an ereader one day. One day when I am less broke. 😛

    • I cannot take credit for Bongs & Noodles – my good friend Jane came out with it one time randomly, and we both realized at once that it’s the only thing to call that store. 😛

  2. Love Project Gutenberg! My eyes have gone several degrees worst as a result…On the bright side, you can make your own book by printing all those pages out and sticking them together somehow.

    • And now apparently Google Books is starting a thing where you can have a Google book printed and bound by participating booksellers. An entrancing idea – though without having seen evidence of it, I’m not sure it really works.

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