Yeah, so this is magic

Magic.  I should have done this, like, much sooner.  Except that I didn’t believe (despite ample evidence all through my blogroll to the contrary) that it was possibly possible that you could really truly genuinely say, “Excuse me, may I have a copy of that book, which I desperately desperately want, before it is released?” and then receive an actual copy of the book in the post.  BEFORE IT IS OUT.

And yet:

My ARC (yay!)

Good, eh?  I like this cover best – the American cover is a little too bluey and generic for me (generic but not spare like my copy is), and the British cover is too, I don’t know – I like it better than the American one, but slightly less than mine.  See what you think:

American cover:

Her Fearful Symmetry - American

And the British one (I don’t like people on my book covers!):

Her Fearful Symmetry - British

A review is forthcoming.  I have completely spoiled myself for this book (it’s okay!  I like it that way!), and I am madly excited to see how the bare bones plot that I know about gets – er, I can’t think of a way to continue this metaphor without its being yucky.  What I mean is, I’m excited to see how she manages it with the characters and everything.  Until then, I will just let you know that this book is set in London near Highgate Cemetery, a place that is mainly of interest to me because of this Dorothy Parker gem:

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Buried all of his libretti;
Thought the matter over, then
Went and dug them up again.

That is a true story.  Dorothy Parker did not make this story up.  She did fail to mention the crucial point about this story, which is that Rossetti buried his poems WITH HIS DEAD WIFE in Highgate Cemetery, as a token of how sad he was that she had died.  They were his only copies.  It would have been quite a gesture had he not subsequently been like, Shit.  I wanted those, and obtained permission to exhume her body and get them back.  Oh, Rossetti, you wacky drug-addicted, wombat-obsessed grave-robber.  Apparently (so says Wikipedia), he had put his poems all up in her long red hair, and he had to root around in her hair to extract them again.


Thoughts on the covers?  Other good grave-robbing/cemetery anecdotes?

13 thoughts on “Yeah, so this is magic

  1. So jealous!

    I like the first cover best too. I agree the blue cover is weird, and the British cover superimposes images on one’s consciousness that may intrude with the imaginative process.

    (But if I could get one, I’d take any cover!) :–)

    • I am always a little bit less fond of covers with people on them, especially if you can see their faces. If they must be on the cover, I would rather they be in silhouette, or have their backs turned. The British one isn’t bad – it’s an evocative cover, and it’s a good scene that it’s from, but I agree, it messes with my ideas of the characters.

  2. So exciting!! I learned yesterday that I might be getting my paws on a ARC too, and I danced around the room like a mad creature 😀 Mine will be the British edition, which has my least favourite cover. I’m NOT complaining, though! I like the blue American one, but the one you have is lovely too.

  3. I know! It’s magic! This is one of the first books I have requested. I got no response to the email I sent, then the next day a copy was waiting on my door step. Magic!

    I haven’t read it yet, but I am really looking forward to it.

    • You know, they responded to my email promptly and all, but until it actually arrived in my mailbox, I wasn’t sure it was going to. It’s good! I’m looking forward to seeing what you think.

  4. I have high hope on this one which does sound very intriguing. Time traveller’s Wife is a bit flat to me. Good point you mention the two covers: I would have thought it’s the other way around. The American one seems so much more conservative and subdued.

  5. I really like the ARC cover. The US cover does nothing for me, and about the UK cover, well … I have to say, I totally had that outfit in high school, but the dress was vermilion.

    re: Dante Gabriel, that incident is mentioned in The Buccaneers, my favorite semi-Wharton novel, and it’s so pathetic. The poor man.

    • I feel silly – I had to look up vermilion.

      You are totally a better person than I am! I hear that story and I laugh hysterically. Plus he was obsessed with wombats. He had pet ones.

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