And speaking of lovely,

Care of Care’s Online Book Club, who always makes me smile, has made a bold claim:


She claims that she would brave a pack of raving zombie chickens in order to read my blog.  This is a very nice thing to say because chickens are already really yucky and stupid, even without a craving for tasty brains.  Consider that.  I had to think about it very hard before passing it on, to Schatzi of the stacks my destination, and Jeane at Dog Ear Diary, and Jackie of Farm Lane Books.

Inspired by Nymeth’s sterling example, and the fact that something glorious (and book-related) is coming my way soon (maybe! I can’t say yet because I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself!), I have decided to return all my books to the library.   She has made thirteen rules for herself, to catch up on reading the books she already owns.  It’s very inspiring to behold, and in solidarity I’ve made a rule for myself too: I shall return my books tomorrow and not get any new ones unless I really really really want them.  Good, eh?

P.S. Whoever nominated me for Book Blogger Appreciation Week awards, thank you – y’all are so sweet!

11 thoughts on “And speaking of lovely,

  1. Reading the books you already own is a great goal. I am trying to do the same but am still buying along the way whenever I see books that interest me! 🙂

  2. Goodness! Congratulations on both, first of all, and thank you so much, second of all!

    I am so terribly flattered, as I really, tremendously enjoy your blog. Am I allowed to pass it in circles? Heh.

  3. rhapsodyinbooks – Thank you! I looove the graphic! 🙂

    Petunia – It is harder than I was expecting! I have all these blogs on my blogroll writing lovely and persuasive reviews about books that sound truly truly wonderful, and I just know that if I don’t read them quickly I’ll forget why they sounded so good. But I am determined to get through the books I already own, and revisit my old favorites too.

    Nymeth – Hahaha, let’s hope so. I actually ended up not checking anything out of the library when I returned my books (which didn’t fit in my enormous library bag) – I decided that if I let myself wander into the fiction section, it would be inevitable catastrophe. I just dropped everything off and fled.

    Jackie – Thanks for the kind words, and you’re welcome! I only found your blog recently and I’ve just enjoyed it so much. 🙂

    Matthew – Yeah, buying books is such a temptation. I am about to come into possession of a large amount of gift card money at Bongs & Noodles, and I don’t think my resolve can stand up to it. We’ll see.

    Sharry – Thank you!

    Jeane – Don’t worry about it if you can’t think of anyone – I just enjoy your blog so much. You write about books that would never have crossed my path otherwise. Such a treat!

    Schatzi – You’re welcome! I am always pleased to see your blog come up with a new entry on my Google Reader – your reviews make me smile.

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