I mean, not really mwahahahahaha.  I didn’t particularly need an evil laugh there, just because I finally read the seventh volume of Fables; though it was nice to read it, and it reminded me how cool and fun the Fables books are.  I stayed up last night to read it, which I thought would be okay, and I’d still get eight hours of sleep, but I wasn’t counting on a) the fact that I was going to start, and then insist on finishing, Ordinary Victories, and b) how much there were going to be wild dogs fighting furiously outside the house all night.  Or something.  I don’t know what the dogs were doing that caused them to howl and bark really loudly and run around and thump into things.  So now I’m tired.  Maybe that’s why I’m making evil laughs at inappropriate places.

But back to Fables.  In this one, a contingent of Arabian fables comes to visit Fabletown from occupied Baghdad, to which they have escaped as the Adversary has begun taking over their homelands as well.  What with Prince Charming’s not fantastically well-organized regime, and language barriers, and Sinbad’s vizier being evil (I’m not spoiling anything – it’s like Saruman in the first Lord of the Rings movie – he is obviously evil), hijinks ensue.  Also, there’s the back story for June and Rodney, which was a good story but the cursive script was about to drive me wild.  Plus I couldn’t really remember what happened to June and Rodney, ultimately.  I know they featured in later Fables books, but I didn’t know who they were then, so I don’t remember them very well.  Never mind.

Aw, Fables.  I want to know when they’re going to do a TV series.  I have selected my dream cast already.  Hear that, TV executives?  Call me up and I will share my wisdom.

P.S. I read 1001 Nights of Snowfall a week or two ago, which is a prequel to the Fables series (sort of) in which Snow White goes to visit the Sultan of the Arabian Fables, and he keeps her imprisoned while she tells him stories about the Fables’ history, and I was not awfully impressed.  I’m pleased I didn’t buy it, because I don’t think I need to own it forever (unlike the rest of the series).  The end is good though.

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  1. I had my next Fables waiting for me at the library through inter-library loan, and I think they sent it back because I took too long to pick it up. Boo! I miss Fables.

    • Me too – this morning I was trying to decide whether it was too soon to reread the whole series. I wish I had a birthday coming up so my large and loving family could get them for me. 😛

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