Reinventing Comics, Scott McCloud

So Shan said that she found it difficult to read Understanding Comics because it was lots of information coming at her all it once – and I thought that was ratcheted up a few notches in Reinventing Comics.  It was still full of interesting things to consider.  Scott McCloud talks about the directions comics are taking, the revolutions that have to take place for comics to Take Their Rightful Place, including limited representation by anyone who isn’t white and male.  He handles these delicate subjects quite well, without being a jerk at all or failing to recognize his position of privilege.

However, when I got past to the bits about computers and things, that was too much information coming at me all at once.  I mean, I was reading it in a blackout (I love Louisiana and I love Louisiana storms, but power outages are no fun at all in the middle of summer), and feeling guilty for not cuddling the dog I’m baby-sitting for, and I was having certain problems about which I am too much of a lady to talk.  I do admit the possibility that there were other problems apart from my brain shutting down when too many computer words fly at my head.

On to Making Comics!  I am very excited about Making Comics!  I think it will be extremely fascinating!

3 thoughts on “Reinventing Comics, Scott McCloud

  1. I agree — Understanding Comics was a ton of information all put together. It’s a book certainly worth a reread. I want to get to McCloud’s other books, but I want to wait until I can afford to buy them, since I think they are all books I’ll want to go back to over and over again.

    • I started reading Making Comics last night, and it is absolutely fascinating. I can’t draw, so it’s not much practical use to me, but it’s so interesting to get a comics-writer’s views on the mechanics of creating comics, how to frame panels, and – yeah, how to frame panels. That’s pretty much how far I’ve gotten. But I bet the rest of it will also be really cool!

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