Remember your first time…

Love this Booking Through Thursday question:

What book would you love to be able to read again for the first time?

Oh ever so many books.  Mainly maybe The Chosen?  And The Color Purple, and, oh, The Charioteer, and Watership Down.  I can’t choose one.  There are dozens of books that were such the most amazing experience ever the first time I read them – Fire and Hemlock was superb.  Absolutely definitely The Far Pavilions and I Capture the Castle and Jane Eyre.

Yes, Jane Eyre.  If I had to choose one.  I would choose Jane Eyre, my beautiful Jane Eyre, and I would read the end before I read the middle, just like I did when I was eight (nine?) years old, that gorgeous scene at the end when she goes into the room, and Pilot is there, and then I would read the middle – eek, that whole dreadful bit when St. John is bullying her – and finally I would get to the end again for real, and it would be wonderful because it would be my first time reading it, and it would be the very most best experience of reading a book ever.

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