Books in the post!

I got books in the post from the fantastic Ella at Box of Books!  Not only was this a lovely surprise, but it was all wrapped up in thick brown paper.  I defy you to find a nicer packaging for books than thick brown paper.  And what wonderful books to get in the mail!

Books 'n' things

Changing Planes, a collection of stories by Ursula LeGuin in which a central character called Sita is able to go to different worlds.  Gorgeous cover, and the illustrations in the book are wonderful – I’m looking forward to this!

A book by William Sleator called Blackbriar – Ella says “Advisory – it is extremely gothic.”  To me this is like saying “Advisory – THIS WILL BE AWESOME.”  I am ever so excited.

And last but so not least, a copy of The Dolls’ House with illustrations by Tasha Tudor.  I can see how a person would find Tasha Tudor a bit precious, but I grew up with her pictures in The Secret Garden and A Little Princess – those beautiful color plates in my mum’s hardback copies! – so to me her pictures are friendly and charming.  It’s raining.  I’m going upstairs this minute and reading The Dolls’ House and Blackbriar in bed.  This will be very pleasing.


8 thoughts on “Books in the post!

  1. I really hope you enjoy Changing Planes. I haven’t read it yet, but it always makes me happy when people love Ursula.

    Blackbriar does sound awesome!

  2. Nymeth – I am really looking forward to it. I did not love Wizard of Earthsea but I want to love Ursula LeGuin, and this could be my way to do it!

    Ella – Thanks again – really, it was such a nice surprise – and right after my birthday too!

  3. I know, right? I am so pleased – The Doll’s House is my favorite one of her kids’ books. I love it when Apple keeps falling down the stairs, and the little cushions they have made for the chairs in the house… lovely.

  4. Rumer Godden! I loved her book Thursday’s Children, but none of the rest I’ve read touched me as much. I’m pretty sure I’ve read the Doll’s House, but I don’t remember much about it now. You’ll have to remind me!

  5. Jeane – Thursday’s Children is my definite favorite of her books for grown-ups! The Doll’s House is about the little family of dolls, and their owners get left an old dollhouse, and they go about fixing it up and making it nice for the dolls to live in. Tottie is the main doll, she’s little and wooden, and then there’s a slightly anxious Mr. Plantagenet and a flighty Birdie and an adorable little boy doll called Apple.

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