I know how Claudia feels

They finished their preparations for the night, took a small snack and decided it was safe to wander back into the Great Hall again to look at their Angel.

“I wish I could hug her,” Claudia whispered.

“They probably bugged her already.  Maybe that light is part of the alarm.  Better not touch.  You’ll set it off.”

“I said ‘hug,’ not ‘bug!’  Why would I want to bug her?”

“That makes more sense than to hug her.”

“Silly.  Shows how much you know.  When you hug someone, you learn something else about them.  An important something else.”

Jamie shrugged his shoulders.

Both looked at Angel for a long time…. “At least we’re living with it.  We’re the only two people in the whole world who live with it.”

The picture is small, but this sculpture is not.  It is an awkward shape to be hugged, but I want to hug it all the time anyway (click to make it slightly bigger).

busy-mind1The artist is a sculptor called Cetin Ates, and I love all of his sculptures.  Here are two more that I would buy if they were not already long sold away to someone else.

Before the Sun Moves Away, Cetin Ates

Before the Sun Moves Away, Cetin Ates

I like the above one because it’s simple and also really hopeful and beautiful.  And I like this next one because – well, you will know why.  It is so cool.  The monster’s head is scary.  These and loads of other ones at his other website.

donkisot2004My one is best, however.  The sitting thinking man has a keyhole in his chest.  It is very tall, taller than I am, and it is the first piece of original art I have ever bought all by myself, and I love it so, so much.


2 thoughts on “I know how Claudia feels

  1. Yeah, the Don Quixote one is perfect. I just had a birthday, and my parents gave me money for another piece of art. So I’m probably going to get another sculpture of his, a little one, for my office.

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