The Queen of Spells, Dahlov Ipcar

Blast.  I wrote a nice, thoughtful review of this book, and then it somehow got lost when I reviewed Death: The High Cost of Living.  Bother bother bother.  Suffice it to say – The Queen of Spells is a retelling of “Tam Lin”, which is such a great story that I have checked out or reserved five different adaptations of it, to decide which one is best (apart from, obviously, Fire and Hemlock).  The Queen of Spells is not best.  The sequence where Janet is hanging onto Tom as he turns into all sorts of things is trippy and nifty and interesting, but the rest of it is plodding and predictable.

2 thoughts on “The Queen of Spells, Dahlov Ipcar

  1. Even if it’s not the best you made me want to read it, because like you I have the need to seek out and read every retelling of Tam Lin I hear of. I blame being slightly obsessed with Fire & Hemlock.

  2. Well, stand by – I have at least three more coming in. And yes, I am slightly obsessed with Fire and Hemlock too. I am trying not to think about the events in it, when I’m reading these other books, because when I get all done with these, I’m going to reread Fire and Hemlock; and I want it to be all fresh and new.

    (However, since I can’t help myself – I really, really like that bit where Polly and Nina are onstage for the Christmas play and they are talking in parentheses to each other. And how Polly uses that to explain the difference between Tom Lynn’s hero self and his ordinary self.)

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