Death: The High Cost of Living, Neil Gaiman

For a quick interlude between new books, I paused and reread Death: The High Cost of Living.  Neil Gaiman has written two graphic novels about Death, and this one’s the one that’s actually about Death.  Although Death: The Time of Your Life is also very, very good.  In this one, we get the story of how Death becomes a human once every century, for one day.  This time, she meets a bored, slightly suicidal kid called Sexton Furnival, and they go around town looking for fun.  They look for the heart of an old, old woman called Mad Hettie, and they see the very first gig of a singer called Foxglove (singing, incidentally, the Flash Girls’ “Sonnet in the Dark” under a different title, about which I was briefly outraged before I remembered that Neil Gaiman wrote the lyrics for “Sonnet in the Dark” so can hardly be accused of plagiarism), and they have some trouble with a crazy man called the Eremite who wants to keep Death captive.

This is one of the first graphic novels I ever read – actually, I believe I read it before I read the Sandman – and it’s a good way to ease yourself into graphic novels.  It’s well-illustrated, and it’s a sweet story.

3 thoughts on “Death: The High Cost of Living, Neil Gaiman

  1. I love this book so much. Probably even more than any of the Sandman books proper.

    PS: Is it slightly creepy that I’m commenting on a bunch of your posts one after the other? I hope not 😛

  2. I don’t know if I like it BETTER. I like Brief Lives an awful lot, and some of the Sandman’s single issues, like Calliope, are real favorites of mine. I do like it an awful lot though – it’s nice to see Death take center stage for a while, and even to see her making a few mistakes.

    No, it’s not creepy! Lots of emails in my inbox when I got home from work – everyone likes that!

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