Amazon’s wicked ways have profited me!

So today, after reading Nymeth’s glowing review of Fingersmith, and discovering that I wanted to reread Fingersmith more than I wanted anything, I reread Fingersmith and enjoyed it much more this time, now that I knew everything that was coming.  Actually I enjoyed it enormously and it was just what I was in the mood for; it was like being desperately thirsty and having a great big class of cool, clean, delicious Baton Rouge water.  Which was good because I am feeling sickly today, and actual cool, clean, delicious Baton Rouge water doesn’t taste as nice as it normally does.

Anyway, after reading it, I went on to read what other people had to say about it, but when I searched for it, it wasn’t easy to find.  And normally I would have given up, because I am lazy, and just gone away and read something else, but I remembered hearing that Amazon was wickedly taking ratings away from books with GLBT type themes, thus making them difficult to find.  Accordingly I opened up the page for Affinity, and clicked on Sarah Waters’s name to make all her books come up, and what do you think I discovered?  She has written a new book and it’s coming out at the end of the month!  It’s about the waning British aristocracy!  I love Sarah Waters, and I love books about the waning British aristocracy!

This is very pleasing.  I shall buy her new book when it comes out, and save it, and then I shall read it on the plane when I am flying to London later on this year.

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s wicked ways have profited me!

  1. lol, I love your glass of water analogy.

    I’m excited about the new book, but I’m just as excited that I have the old ones to read still. How did I miss that Sarah Waters was so good for so long? Also, I don’t want to read them all too fast. I ordered Affinity today, so I’ll read that one next.

  2. I am always worried that I will gobble up a new author too quickly, and not be able to appreciate him/her properly. I’m also worried that if I put it off for too long, I’ll build up a lot of expectations that the author will never be able to meet.

    I couldn’t finish Affinity – it was during exams and graduation that I tried to finish it, though, so don’t go by me. Once I hear what you think of it I bet I’ll want to try again. 🙂

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