5 thoughts on “100 Bullets, Brian Azzarello et. al.

  1. It’s not, unless the character is supposed to be speaking with an accent. If the whole cast talks like that, then that’s a sign that the author needs a hearty slap.

    • Could be it’s a noir comic thing – what’s the word I’m looking for? Convention. A convention of these noir-type comics, without which a noir-type comic would not be possible. And I’m just showing my ignorance of the genre.

      I’m fine with that, really. I have gradually come to the conclusion that I am going to find all these comics aggravating and tedious and a bit on the sexist side. I don’t like Sin City either. :-/

  2. Weeeeeeellllll…it is kind of a noir convention, but if it’s GOOD noir, you won’t notice the accent. If you do, then the writer’s not doing his or her job to engage you enough in the story to the point the characters’ verbal tics seem natural and organic and not distracting.

    Of course, noir may just not be your thing, either, which is more than fine. But I still hold to my previous statements, since it’s kind of a universal when it comes to writing in a vernacular.

  3. That’s sort of how I feel – it’s distracting. Everybody drops the Gs at the end of -ing words – nearly everybody anyway. It comes off as so affected to include it in the dialogue. (Though noir might really not be my thing, unless it contains Lauren Bacall.)

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