Possibly the nicest dream I have ever had

I dreamed that I was at Barack Obama’s inauguration with the Endless.  IT WAS AWESOME.  It was so good that I turned off my alarm twice in order to carry on having the dream.  (I never turn off my alarm.)  I was very chummy with all of the Endless, except that Dream didn’t really want to chat.  This led me to wonder whether I was one of the Endless.  I didn’t see Despair or Desire, so I was probably one of those two, if I was anyone.  Destruction was ridiculously huge, but very friendly.  Destiny was surprisingly forthcoming with information about the future; Delirium was surprisingly fun to hang out with; and Death was just as lovely as you might expect, and she let me borrow her hat.  I have never enjoyed a dream this much in my memory.  It was completely disappointing to wake up and discover it was just a dream.

3 thoughts on “Possibly the nicest dream I have ever had

  1. I rarely have dreams about hanging out with fictional characters. Sometimes I dream of having adventures with fictional characters, but I don’t usually get time to chat with them. This one was nice.

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