The Naming, Alison Croggon

I think I’ve read this book before. Not in the sense of having actually read it before, but in the sense of read books exactly like it before (but better). Plus it does that thing I hate of having dozens and dozens of capitalized words all the time. Did anyone see this cartoon? I think the same graph can be used but with “Number of Words Capitalized In Order To Make Them Sound Cool And Important” on the X axis.

I’ve had a stressful week this week, and every evening before I went to bed, my only free time of the day, I have been reading a bit of this book. Then yesterday – Wednesday, Hump Day, the peak bad day of all the bad days this week (I optimistically hope) – I couldn’t figure out why I was still reading this book when I didn’t care what happened and didn’t particularly like any of the characters. So I stopped, and started reading The Stress of Her Regard instead. It made me love it almost straight away by having a statue that changed what it was doing when people weren’t looking, which reminded me of that exceptionally creepy episode of Doctor Who where the statues could move when you weren’t looking at them. Ooo, that episode was so scary.

This cranky non-review is brought to you by a week of inadequate sleep and upsetting events.

3 thoughts on “The Naming, Alison Croggon

  1. I agree Life is too short to read bad books to the end !
    That Dr.Who episode was a goodie wsn’t it! sorry you had a yucky week..a toast to good reads :o)

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