Of course

Of course my camera isn’t working.  I mean, that makes total sense.  Of course right this very day on which I got my cool new commonplace book from Ella at Box of Books, of course that would be the day my camera would choose to not work.  It won’t save any pictures I take!  So you’ll just have to take my word for it that the new commonplace book I got in the mail today is incredibly cool and pretty.

I wish I were crafty.  I can’t make anything.  I’m terrible at drawing and I’m worse at crafts.  The only slightly crafty thing I can do is cross-stitch.  Otherwise, I am totally useless at crafts.  This one time, my big sister and I were both taking physics in high school (we were in different classes, but it was the same teacher), and the teacher assigned a bonus project of making mobiles, and it was really tricky and you had to dangle everything in just the right spot to make it balance.  And I did all my measurements and spent hours and hours on it, and the damn thing didn’t work, and the glue stuck to things and everything got tangled and finally I burst into tears (this was my junior year, a stressful year for me) and threw it away.  And I swear to God, my big sister was like “Huh”, and did hers in like TEN MINUTES.

But my commonplace book is really beautiful.  I’m so excited about having a new commonplace book.  I haven’t totally used up my old one, my old trusty commonplace book I’ve had (and loved) since ninth grade, but still I want to abandon it and go straight to using my brand new pretty one.

One thought on “Of course

  1. I love the Harry Potter books and have read them many times. So far, I’ve pretty much agreed with your reviews on all of them. Just stopping in to say that I really enjoy your blog. I switched to WordPress recently because your blog introduced me to it. I use to comment on your blog as Jenny from blogspot!

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