Matrimony, Joshua Henkin

Recommended by: Books and Cooks, who reads good books and has pictures of pretty food that makes me feel envious. I finished this today, and then I went ahead and read Waiting for Daisy, and I had such a strong reaction to Waiting for Daisy that I’m having a hard time remembering what I thought of Matrimony.

This is one of those that doesn’t have a catchy plot. It starts with the main character, Julian, and he meets a friend called Carter in his freshman year writing seminar. Julian meets a girl called Mia and Carter meets a girl called Pilar (I really have a hard time believing that’s a name), and then it’s about what happens with them. Mainly Julian and Mia. Lots of cancer and fertility issues and marriage problems – so actually, not entirely unlike Waiting for Daisy.

I thought this book was spotty. In bits I was greatly enjoying it – the first segment, for instance, when Carter and Julian are in writing class together, I thought was excellent – and in bits I was just plodding along wanting to get to the end. Sometimes everyone got way much omphaloskeptic. Sometimes I was quite invested in what was going to happen. Sometimes just not at all.

In sum: better, actually, than I expected, but I won’t ever find it necessary to read this again.

5 thoughts on “Matrimony, Joshua Henkin

  1. Well I have heard of the name Pilar (it’s Spanish) but I just had to google omphaloskeptic because I thought you might be making that one up. Thanks for the awesome addition to my vocab! I really like your blog, btw. It took me about five seconds to decide to add you to my feed reader. 🙂

  2. I like “omphaloskeptic” too! I learned it from – of all things – a spoof of Gilbert & Sullivan’s song about the modern major-general. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Hi Jenny, I’m glad you enjoyed this. This was a ‘nice’ read for me; nothing bad to say about it, but probably not memorable in the long term as you said.

  4. It’s a shame – I thought it started out strong, and then didn’t really go anywhere interesting. But I’m now reading a book all full of Siamese twins and amputated limbs, which is nothing but interesting, and I’m none too pleased with that either. It’s all about finding a happy medium. 🙂

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