Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

Well, I have just finished up Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer’s third trashy vampire book.  In case you were wondering whether all the trashy continues unabated, the answer is a resounded and unqualified YES.

Basically, in this book, Bella and Edward have lots of anxieties for several reasons, including 1) she misses Jacob and wants to play with him; and 2) he (Edward, not Jacob) wants to get married and she doesn’t; and 3) she wants to have sex and he (still Edward, not Jacob) doesn’t; and 4) a vampire they pissed off a while ago is making a massive army of baby vampires to kill Bella.  The angst is ceaseless.

Also, Jacob still loves Bella.  He’s more twenty-five-y than sixteen-y these days, so everyone can stop worrying about whether Bella’s a pedophile.  Because, yes, that’s been bothering me a little bit as she inched closer to nineteen and he was still only sixteen.  I did the equation and figured out she’s still okay until he’s 16 and a half, but nevertheless it was bugging me a bit.  He is also no longer cooler than Edward, because now he’s threatening suicide in order to make Bella slip him some tongue.  Lame.  If there’s one thing I hate even more than your garden variety emotional manipulation, it’s emotionally manipulative suicide threats.

To return to the point, however: My stars, this book was trashy, and for some reason, not as absorbing as the first two.  I’ve been trying to decide why that is, and I think it may be because we’ve got all the characters now and nothing new is really being developed.  In Twilight, there was Edward, and Bella was working out things with Edward; and then in New Moon, there was Jacob and she was working out things with Jacob.  In this one we’ve already got them both and Bella’s just being wishy-washy and working nothing out at all except that she really, really, really doesn’t want to get married right out of high school, because she’s afraid of being trailer trash or something.  She wasn’t doing anything, and neither was anyone, except getting very protective of her.  There were lots of pissing contests between Edward and Jacob – first the nice normal pissing contests and then the more subtle ones where they were both all trying to love Bella the best.  And it got tiresome.  I quit reading it and went to bed.  If the next one isn’t more interesting, well I’ll just be.  You know.  Cross.

Hmm – do you think I’m becoming jaded and growing to hate all books everywhere?  The last several books I’ve read haven’t impressed me.  Maybe my brain is on new book overload.  But no, because I’m enjoying Night Watch a lot.  But maybe, because if I can’t enjoy a trashy vampire novel, WHAT KIND OF SOUL-DEAD CREATURE AM I?

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  1. No, no, it’s quite okay to not love trashy vampire novels because there’s a glut on the market and 90% of everything is crap. I love vampires but find it more and more difficult to find the good trashy novels they star in. (Or bad but in a good way trashy novels.)

  2. See! That’s exactly it. The first two were definitely bad in a good way, but this one was trashy without being terribly absorbing. Pooh.

  3. um, that was the worst review i ever read. the book was awesome, and everyone i know thats read it agrees. do a survey honestly.

  4. Well, you know. Different strokes for different folks, it takes all kinds to make a world, and so forth. I’m glad you enjoyed it – makes waiting for the next one much more exciting!

  5. wow, seriously, the twilight series, and i mean every single one of the books are breath-takingly amazing. you, obviously, need professional help.
    peace out girl scout.

  6. Oh dear God. I love young adult novels, and I’m somewhat fond of vampires, and I’m not a hater of trash either. I have been known to read Barbara Cartland under the covers, and hastily cover it with a more respectable Mary Renault if anyone comes in.

    But sorry. Couldn’t even make it through a hundred pages of this wretched writer, who couldn’t write her way out of a paper bag. It was laughably awful, agonizingly predictable. “Breathtakingly amazing” is actually one way of putting it – but sadly, not in any kind of a good way.

  7. I see you’re getting some love from crazy Twilight fan girls. Since I know you liked the first in the series (right?) have you seen the trailer for it? It looks pretty cheesy and the girl’s vampire lover…doesn’t look all that hot. He was hotter as Diggory in Harry Potter for crying out loud. When a wizard in robes is hotter than a vampire something is wrong in the universe.

  8. Oh, God, it looks awful! I’m so going to go see it. Movies need to have popcorn thrown at them sometimes. And what’s with his HAIR?

  9. These books, all of them pretty hefty in size, really haven’t gotten anywhere at all. I mean, really- Girl meets vampire, they fall in love, insert love triangle, and insert groups of hostile predators at the triangle’s center and you’ve got all three twilight books.

    But, in their favor, considering I’ve read all three and plan on reading the third- the books are like greasy potato chips: you say you’re only going to eat one, but then a few hours go by and you realize that you’ve eaten several bags already.

    Yea, I’m going to the midnight party tonight,

    No, these books don’t actually have any literary credence to them whatsoever. They’re just potato chips in large, expensive, hard-cover form.

  10. This was THE worst review I have ever read. I don’t know how any one could distastefully bad mouth and author like this. This series was excellently written with out a doubt. The story line, I would agree, seems slightly cliché, but the fact that Bella falls in love with a sexy vampire gives the plot a superior twist. Also, Bella’s battle with the decision of becoming a vampire, or staying human ads to the plot. At first she is so sure she wants to become a vampire after graduation. When she realizes how close it actually is she becomes a little bit frightened of what might become of her when she is a vampire. Her becoming immortal would also risk her friendship with Jacob. I think that this situation is common with teenagers, Or any human for that matter. No one has to choose to become a vampire, but people are faced with tough decisions through out their lives. I believe this is how so many people relate to the story, and honestly who doesn’t enjoy a love story? I don’t know where any one is getting the idea that the novel is trashy. So what, Bella wants to have sex with Edward. It’s a part of life. Many teens consider having sex in high school. At least Edward makes a good decision in making Bella wait until they are married. As for the author not being able to write her way out of a paper bag, I would like to see you try to write your way out of a paper bag. I know i certainly couldn’t.

    On the other hand…you may like or dislike the series. Each to their own I suppose.

  11. First of all, just because the book is about vampires doesn’t necessarily make it a weird/ “trashy” novel.

    second of all this is just a mediocre review altogether cause you don’t actually ever prove why its trashy; you just sum up the plot.

    i don’t have a degree in writing or anything, but i’m a very good judge on good writing and stephenie meyer has it.

    instead of bashing an incredible series with substance, how about taking down superficial books like gossip girl, a-list, south beach, and all the other books about boney, rich, white, brats who can’t do anything more than fuck hundreds of guys and swipe their credit cards.

    i think your cause is just a little off.

  12. Okay, I absolutely loved the entire saga, and Stephenie Meyer is an outstanding author.

    How about you try to write a “trashy” series and then base your opinion on the Twilight books.

    And atleast try to sound a bit intelligent while doing so 🙂

  13. Fair enough – I didn’t really say why I think these books are silly. I wasn’t so much prepared for the angry. So here we go:

    That is why I don’t like these books. I think they send bad messages and endorse intrusive stalker behavior on Edward’s part and uncritical adoration on Bella’s. They’re only fun when people recognize they’re silly. Otherwise, less fun, more creepy.

  14. Awww, you’re so sweet to have actually responded to these comments. Personally, after reading the hilarious “The story line, I would agree, seems slightly cliché, but the fact that Bella falls in love with a sexy vampire gives the plot a superior twist” — because that “twist” hasn’t been done to death — and similar quackery I can do nothing else but conclude that these “fan girls” are actually trolls from an anti-Stephanie Meyer forum on a campaign to make her fans look as silly as possible.

    If you have to write books in order to say another’s writer’s work is crap why don’t they have to write an equally popular series in order to prove to *me* that they know what the heck they’re talking about?

    Sheesh. You’re too nice.

    P.S. Twilight is the Gossip Girls of vampire romance with less brand promotion. Deal.

  15. I actually have many thoughts about Stephenie Meyer’s books, and you know, I’m the kid of two therapists – if I have thoughts, I like to share them. My real-life blog is called “I Will Tell You What To Think” for exactly this reason.

    In other news, I’m the first result that comes up on Google when you search “Eclipse trashy” – a coveted distinction, I’m sure. (They are trashy – do you know what happens in the fourth book? It’s so alarming. Read the Wikipedia entry.)

  16. Wow. I read the summary of “Book 1” and I don’t want to go any further. 😐 That is some scary content in a YA book. Not that I’m a prude or anything. I’d probably be less alarmed if Meyer was a skilled writer with some depth to her work.

    And parents complain about Gossip Girls?

  17. I honestly don’t know why you want to read the book if you feel it to be trashy. Its a teen romance novel. its to make teen girls all googly eyed about the love Bella and Edward share. I honestly believe the rushed love gives us teenage girls a feeling that love is right there in high school and teen girls persue guys that they think they are in love with when it is merely an infatuation. but overall the book was amazing. It also shows people who are already in love what sacrifices they are wiling to take for each other. Yes, the boy in this story was a vampire, but how he is described as a beautiful perfect being, its as if what the story is saying is that there is that perfect someone out there for each one of us. he may not look beautiful to anyone else, but to you…he’s perfect. that is how its all played out, you see. Essentially, the novel isn’t about a meekly looking girl falls inlove with a vampire, but its about a girl who meets the love of her life in a strange way, like we all will, and what sacrifices they make, and are willing to make, for each other.

  18. Sure, sure, I see your point, but their love is dysfunctional. It’s not a healthy relationship – he stalks her and invades her privacy, and she refuses to set any boundaries with him. Not nice. Not the kind of love teen girls (or anyone) should be pursuing.

  19. I agree with you to a certain point. I think it was trashy because Bella was being so selfish and KNEW that Jacob had stronger feelings for her than she did at the beginning and she still could be around him, even knowing that she was in love with Edward…and edward thank god stephenie made himm this unbelievably selfless person…and jacob… i just wish Edward would’ve killed him already. I haaaateeeed that Bella fell in love with Jacob and I was sooooo glad she ended up with Edward event hough we all knew it from the beginning. I’m about to start Breaking Dawn and I don’t know if I could continue to read if jacob gets his imprints and bella gets all jealous and wants him now instead of edward…seriously pick a guy stick to him. quit hurting both. for edward always saying how mature she is for her age, in this book it didn’t really show.

  20. It’s terribly amusing how, with the twilight series, one is either absolutely for it or entirely against it.

    I don’t understand how the book is trashy-a little immature is more fitting, I would say-but I’m not saying you’re wrong.

    To be succinct, your ‘review’ was entertaining for the time I scanned over it. Perhaps it was a bit too assuming, but I still got a kick out of it.

  21. wow??? this is the very 1st neg review I have heard or seen. Being an Anne Rice fan I have been waiting for a new series to “sink my teeth into”. I like this one. No it isn’t quite as full of eloquence, antiquity and history as Mrs. Rice’s books but I think that’s why I love it. It is simple (but not in an insulting way), I can read one of these books in a week, whereas Anne’s took much longer. I work, am a busy mom of 2 and am a wife of a man working and going to school. That doesn’t leave much time for one of my favorite things which obviously is reading. Yes, these books are aimed at the teen audience but I believe they are a good read for any age as they are not so simply written as to insult the more intelligent/ wiser mind. I am finished with the 1st two and am waiting for my copy of the 3rd. Can’t wait. Why “trashy” by the way? Compared to some things out there this seems relatively clean to me. Maybe you should read them again with a more open mind and realize we are not teens any more but it wasn’t so long ago that we had all this passion and angst about practically EVERYTHING too. lol

  22. um are you kidding? with out eclipse the whole series would just diminish. it shows the aftermath of their reuniting and how their love never stopped, it was put on hold. funny how you say you want bella to pick jacob but the whole series is about bella and edward. haha.
    i think this is the worst review ive ever read and you have some serious issues woman.

  23. u’re stupid. u shouldn’t read the series then. u knew that u didn’t like the book since Twilight so why keep reading?

  24. At this point mainly because I’m a completist. I enjoyed Twilight – I enjoyed all of them, with the recognition that they are silly, silly books. It’s when people start taking them seriously that I become alarmed.

  25. Pedophile–Bella? Because she’s a little older than Jacob? Now Edward…I believe the term fits him much better. Nevertheless, the series is great, mindless reading. Don’t analyze it so much, folks. It’s a wonderful escape into young love. For some of us, that was awhile ago, and it’s a great journey back. Thanks for the ride, Stephanie Meyers.

  26. I dont know about you guys but seriously Twilight and New Moon were great books!I read them both twice. What I dont understand is why she doesnt want to get married??Because Edward loves her so much (and to me she is lucky as hell) and he even nearly killed himself.He had her first and he is totally hot no doubt.I mean he doesnt fall inlove easily (as you know) and he chooses her and he wants to marry her.What the hell is her problem???I think it’s clear that Edward’s the best choice for god sake the guy shouldnt even love her because he is amazing and why should he fight with Jacob for her?She is his. Jacob is just one guy,Bella loves the Cullens as a family,so what does Jacob have to offer. Hes a great friend seriously but not a lover. From the beginning she shouldve just stuck with Edward.Jacob really does sound stupid with this suicidal stuff. Edward like I said has more than once proved his love for her,so what’s the question?The answer is freaking obvous. Jacob should just get lost.I mean sure he helped her when Edward left but he shouldnt try to ruin her relationship.When Edward left Bella was a mess,doesnt that show her how much she loves him?I think he should just leave again for a few months and let her see how grateful she should be.I’m not saying that girls should bow to guys,hell no just that Bella is being really immature.
    conclusion: Bella was being really stupid to even think of leaving Edward for Jacob.Absolutely retarded.

  27. look,
    idk wut u r smokin but that book was great! Vampire books are awsome! If u r looking for other good books id recomend the series Cirque Du Freak and the series Vampire Kisses. But other wise plz stop juding these books. besides id lik 2c u writ a book that good!

  28. Wow. You really got some angry replies, didn’t you? LOL. Sorry about that. It must be hard to express your opinion about a book when everyone is shooting you down like that. I personally thought that the first two books (I haven’t got to read the third book yet) were quite well written, but not TOO well-written because that tends to make my focus stray when the authors use words like ‘gregarious’ and such. I think it’s awesome to express your opinion, but if you think about doing it again on the net, I’d probably avoid words like ‘trashy’. They make readers who enjoyed the books rather upset. LOL.

  29. okay about Bella and Jacob it is Jacob making all the moves not Bella so if your going to call her a pedophile you obviously didnt read the BOOK!!!
    Jacob is a creepy little boy obbsessed with a girl…not Bellas fault!
    she is right to stay with Edward because he is obviously not going to let her get hurt in anyway!!!!
    i never ever ever read but i cant put down these books now seriously if your going to write a blog about this book it can only be good things!!!!


  31. Gah! I really don’t like this book too. Actually, the only one I really liked was Twilight. The romance is getting too melodramatic for me now. I wish Bella would stop being such a helpless nitwit. And she’s getting altogether too obsessed for the wrong reasons. I mean, loving Edward because he’s just so perfect and beautiful? Is that really right? It sounds real shallow to me. And while she’s with Edward, she still wants Jacob’s company? And to add to it, she also wants them both, natural enemies already, to coexist and be best buds just for her? Geez, I rolled my eyes so many times reading about her whining thoughts. Edward should be glad he can’t read her mind. Or maybe that would help him get over her. It may just end up that she has neither Edward nor Jacob. Perhaps that would be better for everyone!

  32. I was reading other people’s comments, and whoah. You’ve offended some Meyers fans haven’t you? I was really glad that you posted this though – it helped me get over my intense irritation at the way the story was playing out. I would complain to my friends, but they’re Meyer fans too so they’d probably never speak to me again haha. When I first starting reading this series, I knew it was basically a paperback romance, and I love reading romances, but this third book just killed it for me. I don’t think I’ll be reading another vampire book for a while.

  33. Yes, the romance was a little melodramatic and Bella really started to piss me off when she started hanging out with Jacob so much, but all in all, the books were amazing. I bought all four and EVERYBODY at my school’s reading them. And I have been infatuated with someone before merely because of beauty so I can see Bella’s viewpoint on that. And the book wasn’t ALL romance. There was some violence in there, too. But I just wanted to make it clear on how awesome I thought these books were. I couldn’t put them down! And I can’t wait for the movie! Even though Edward looks a little different than I expected…

  34. This was the best out of all of them! i like this one the best. then twilight, then breaking dawn, then new moon! new moon wasnt so good because it had very little of edward and breaking dawn was ok becauseit was also from jacobs point of view. i think eclipse is the best no matter what all u haters say!!!

  35. Why do you have to trash a book just because you don’t like it, if you don’t like it don’t read the third in the series….

  36. Wow, your review totally blew me away. I always look out for both positive and negative reviews of a book so that I can understand it better, to view it from different perspectives.

    Well, maybe Bella won’t be considered a paedophile since Jacob’s a 16-year-old guy who has no problem pursuing an older woman.

    And yeah, why did Victoria go through all the trouble of building an army just to kill off a human? Guess it was only to add flavour to the book. 🙂

    I did enjoy reading it though. I liked it better than New Moon which was painfully boring. Oh, did you read Breaking Dawn then? It’d be interesting to read your review of it!

    Here’s my review of Eclipse

  37. Alright – Meyer is trashy, an average writer, and her book is unorignal. But what she is not is setting a bad example all by herself when it comes to obsessive stalker like realtionships.

    You seem to be forgetting that the greatest love story of all time (that Meyer loves (undeservingly) to compare her series to) is between two lovers who barely know each other. Two completely irrational lovers who act completely out of line. For pete’s sake- you don’t think Edward climbing thru Bella’s window at night wasn’t taken from that same play do you? Romeo stalks, Romeo obsesses, Juliet cries and whines alot, and they both go compeltely overboard. At least Bella and Ed don’t commit suicide. Granted, Edward tries, but this just serves to make him more like Romeo. If anything, Bella is stronger than Juliet! What does this make Shakespeare? Does this make him sexist, a bad role model? Does this make him out of line like so many have pronouced Meyer? No! And he didn’t stop with Romeo and Juliet. Even more overboard is Othello. Othello frickin KILLS his love! Because hes jealous! At least Jake only threatens himself! And if Jake is Othello then besides Romeo Edward can most certainly be compared to Hamlet! He leaves the love of his life to go on a fricken suicide mission! Hes reckless, he loses almost all emotion (granted its driven by revenge not love… well thats debatable but anyway) and in the process makes himself deeply unhappy. And his love? Crazy, weak, desperate, and eventually sent over the edge by the loss of Hamlet and her father- SHE DROWNS HERSELF!!! Call me crazy- but I don’t think it was Meyer who went to the extremes with obsessive relationships!!

    I love Shakespeare and almost all his works. And thats why I’m sticking up for Meyer. I love her books, and in no way comaprable to the brillance of Shakespeare, shes smart enough to see what makes a good romance. And that is crazy obsessive love that will stop at nothing. I don’t think its setting a bad example for any of us young people. You’d have to be pretty crazy to think any of us are going to go jumping off cliffs for the sake of a bloke. If that was the case, we would have been doing that since Shakespeare’s time


  38. At least we can figures out what title u’ll using for you book-if u CAN write any-based on this post. It’ll be called “Trashy Series”. Ain’t u just love it? Very suits your taste, I believe.

    Wonder how much the word “trashy” u’ll be using in ur novels-if u CAN write any.

  39. Anyway, the series is very predictable, it has way too much high school drama in it, which is good for all those teenage girls who love drama. I believe that is what hooks all the kids to this series, two cents.

  40. okay i just got done with eclipse,twilight is great,new moon is great,but eclipse was the most difficult one for me to try to finish,i agree with this review completely,Bella is a complete jerk,she wants to be turned into a bloodsucker so she can spend forever with edward,but yet hates the fact of getting married??? and shes such a bad girlfriend to edward,always so whiney to him about her and jacobs relationship,if i was edward i would run her to the middle of the desert and leave her there,j/k(sorta),but really Bella is truly the reason why i dislike eclipse,she was bearable,but i cant deal with her vamp-trampy ways she’s annoying and entirely to confused with her own thoughts to be a lovable character,hopefully breaking dawn won’t let me down

  41. Someone said earlier that they don’t have a degree in writing… I do. Hence, I can speak quite eloquently about the problems with this series.

    While I could go on and on about characterization, Mary-Sueism, self-insertion and why it’s not always a good thing, or even the importance of having someone to BETA (or better yet, EDIT) your work, I’ll keep this short. I could write my thesis on the sub-par tripe marketed as lit these days, and maybe I will someday, but as I’m editing myself.

    My hatred for this series comes not from the generic plot, but from the horrific writing style, the serial-rape of Roget’s thesaurus, Meyer’s general “I’m so gifted I don’t NEED an editor” attitude, and and the cringe-worthy dialogue in this four-book spitshow. (Language edited for politeness’s sake.)

    I read every word of these books with the best of intentions, and thank GOD that it ended at four. It’s Harry Potter all over again, except Meyers is clever enough to end this nonsense. And besides, I could have gone my whole life not knowing that Nessie made the capillaries in Bella’s eyes explode.

  42. I’m not sure why all the bad comments!! People, these books are made to entertain. I didn’t read one comment that didn’t admit it was atleast a LITTLE entertaining…hence, Stephenie Meyer did her job! Do you all think she cares if you don’t like it?? She’s got a big bank account and a great book deal!

    Take it as it as and stop whining about pedophiles, “trashy” plot lines and agonizing decisions.

    Personally, these books will make any married woman look at her own relationship and reflect on the feeling of undeniable love! Even if you didn’t care for it!

  43. I found this review in a desperate search for the third book in the series- I am having a hard time finding it in my podunk little town. Anyway, I stumbled apon this little gem of a review and was happy to have a little giggle to get me through my day. I find it intruiging that one negetive review of a mediocre novel would send so many people
    into such a tizzy for almost a year now- hilarious. The writing is shit people- get over it. That doesnt mean I am going to stop scouring the internet for the best prices on the last 2 books. They are a guilty pleasure. I love the comment about potato chips. So true- there is nothing really great about this seires, you just cant stop reading them. I am 23 years old and when I started the first book it was purley to see what all the hype was about. But then I couldnt put it down. Of course I am no quiter so I decided out of pure curiosity to read the second. Well of course now I have to know what happens in the third. It IS just high school drama bull shit, but honestly- who doesnt love a little drama. Twilight rocks my socks- and not because there is a genius writer behind it (note sarcastic undertone) but because I love drama- ecspecially when it isnt my own 🙂

  44. Geeez!!! these books are like Harry Potter with no plot! Theyre written for kids by an author who is seriously sex-deprived.. Sure, they are entertaining, light, no-brain-activity reading. But thats it! You only read them to kill time, or cause theres nothing else on the market right now. I finished the first in 2 evenings, it was ok (fun). Then the second was kinda dull if you dont consider the four pages of action when she goes to Italy. The third is just talk and waiting, and, oh, suddenly there are another two pages of action in the end! What a dull, boring way to kill time! I wish I had read The Da Vinci Code for the fourth time instead.. I aggree with the trashy part, but i also aggree that Gossip Girl is TRASHY. Oh, and by the way, Edward is the king of pedophile! What is he, hundred-and-tenish? God, what an amazing review! I found it was better time spent reading this than the books!
    But still for some reason, i kept reading, and will read the fourth.. Maybe what you said is true? Its so silly, you just have to keep reading?

  45. O. My. God. Did anyone watch the movie to this? It blew! No, it sucked beyond all comprehension of sucking! Could they have GOTTEN any worse actors to play in this movie?! The books were great, but that movie make me want to shoot myself!

  46. im just saying if you dont like the books dont go aroung trying to be a dick about and say all these mean shits. at least meyers is making a living and i honestly think all these books are great. she has honestly did a good job and i think that you all should give meyers some credit. she out did herself, from my view.

  47. I thought i was the only one who had a problem with these books! They are big time wasters and I hate Bella’s annoying personality. I started hating her even more when she went after Jacob. This story is very cheap. Meyer wrote a whole book just for 4 pages of the anticipated Victoria attack. And then Bella cries for a whole night! How much whinier can she get?

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  49. I think the books are the best I have ever read on vampires. They offer a new twist to the common vampire who kills at every chance they get. It is also a love story! “Jenny’s books” have nothing better to do then bash good books without good reason. They are meant to entertain and that is what they did! Maybe you are just wondering if you could ever feel that kind of love or passion for someone.

  50. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you have yours and I have mine. I personally love the Twilight saga. When you post messages on blogs you have to remember that people who REALLY love the series may get offended my some of your comments. Agree with me or not, but don’t you think that when you like a book you understand it better? You know, get more absorbed into the story. Try to imagine the life of Edward or Jacob from their perspective; Jacob is truly in love with a woman who is in love with another “man” who just broke her heart. You would be pissed to right? And Edward, who is the core of Bella’s existance and she is his, has broken his own heart for the greater good of his love, and is just waiting for her to tell him, “you broke my heart and I don’t trust you anymore”, but he knows it will never come, so for that he is sorry that is love is in constant danger, because of him. And I also must add, they are not “baby” vampires, but newborns. Yeah, Iknow they sound exactly alike but they are not. Newborns are full of human blood which makes them stronger than any other vampire over the new age of 1.

  51. Honestly the review could’ve been better written, this is trashy? Hmmm, I haven’t gone through any of you other reviews so forgive me if you’ve alredy read these but look up Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake ‘Vampire Slayer'” Series..they’ll gag a magott. Sorry I read the whole serious and from book #2 it just went down him in my opinion. I’m addicted to the Twilight books, mainly because when I start a series I finish it (hence reading 12 more repulsive Vampire books of Hamilton’s) , haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of Eclipse yet but I’ll live.
    The only some what non repulsive “Vampire” Books I’ve found are the Dark Hunter Series but that’s becaususe of Histirical Fiction in them.

  52. Just wondering if anyone hear can tell me if this sounds like it has been copied directly from the book Eclipse. It was an assignment to write the next chapter of a book. The student who did this wrote it for New Moon and I suspect it is just pulled right from the pages of Eclipse (the next book). Here is a sample and if it is and you can give me pages you find the sentences on I’d be so appreciative:

    When I woke upon Saturday morning I heard a faint noise, almost a breeze, and I knew it was Edward. I was used to the quiet sounds he made that were fast and almost inaudible. He sat on the chair in the corner of my room and I sat up excited to see him. He looked up at me slowly and didn’t smile. I knew immediately something was wrong. “What is it?” he could never hid something from me, we knew each other too well. “The Volturi summoned us to Italy” his face expressionless. My heart sunk. The Volturi were a group you never wanted to get involved with, there were powers far beyond what any normal human could ever imagine existed, and I had to go up against them. All you could hope for was that they would be generous that day, if not you may become vampire chow……

    ETC. Etc. does any of this sound familiar?? Thank you.

    • I don’t know – has a search function, and you could probably pull up the page for Eclipse and run a keyword search. Hope that helps! 🙂

  53. I completely with agree with you Jenny. The only reason I finished this third book was so I could get to the fourth. It was a painful read.

    I personally wanted to jump into the book and slap Bella. All she does throughout this entire book is whine incessantly. . “Oh its all my fault…everything is my fault”…whah whah whah.” My life is so hard, I don’t know how to choose between a Vampire and a Wolf!

    For some reason I actually found myself getting tired of Bella and Edward’s mushy mush overly dramatic relationship in this book. I enjoyed their little love story in the first two -but now they are just plain annoying. There isn’t any fire left – they are just like any another lame highschool couple.

    I guess I shouldn’t expect more from them, they are teenagers after all…or at least Bella still is. Edward must be about…200 years old by now? And Jacob – stop wasting your time – you live in Forks with a population of about 20 people…there are plenty of other fish (er wolves I mean) out there.

    I haven’t read the 4th book yet. I hope its at least mediocre because this one was a complete waste of time and energy.

    • I don’t mind so much that the books aren’t good, to be honest – books that are silly and not very good can be a lot of fun. I think the first two books are silly and fun in that way, although the third one wasn’t as much fun for me. But I am really bothered by the fact that people take Edward and Bella’s romance seriously, when it’s obviously soooo dysfunctional. I just do not want people to think that stalking obsessive behavior is romantic. That’s scary to me.

  54. Wow, that’s sounds…. AMAZING! Why, actually I’m still a little girl ( I’m not a teenager, I’m still a 4th grade elementary student ). Hey, do you know why people keep taking Edward and Bella’s romance? Because, if they don’t, the story will be soooooooooooooooooooooo BORING! But I think it’s maybe a great thing to read this book ( Well, I haven’t read it but I will And nobody will stop me). I think a scary book is fun! It’s better than reading a boring novels ( like normal life thing, boyfriend, girlfriend, movies. that way is soooooooooooo BORING!) I can read the ‘New Moon’ novel for one day, so why can’t I read Eclipse…. Hey, jen, do you know that you’re so cool? Back to the topic! Oh, yeah, Jacob’s a werewolf, Edward’s a vampire…. For her savety of life, and her ‘sun’ and laugh, she had to choose Jacob. But for her ‘breath’ and her ‘soul mate’ she choose Edward. Well, I don’t know! I just have to read the book!
    Are you honest to me, jen? Well, I believe you, you read that first!

  55. Hey, at last, I’ve buy the book! I’m reading until page 500 or more……
    Well, this story is not as bad as it has been talks….
    I think it’s a completely love story and romance. You know, this book is very great, when I read it, I feel a strong, powerful magnet that keeps me read the book, Even I can imagine it…..

    This Book Is Really Great!!

  56. At last! I’ve finish Eclipse and breaking dawn… Well, it’s not as bad as you all said, my friends… It’s completly amazing, cool, romantic, and fun!!! Yay! I’m so happy!! I’m wondering if Stephenie Meyer could write another the next edition… She has to! I love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love100x this book!

  57. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 🙂 For me, I feel frustrated with the way Edward manipulates Bella into doing what he wants – but I agree they can be fun books!

  58. Thanks Jen, I really enjoy them, and you’re such a peach for replying my comments… I’m sorry if I too ‘buzz mouth’.
    You know, I’m an Indonesian, so, I read the books in Indonesian languages because I cannot found the english one. So I hope you’re understanding me, plus; do you remember? I’m still a fourth grade elementary student who has a big-big-big ‘wanna know thimgs’ in my mind….. Hehehehe…..
    Actually the book bring me inspiration. I’m writing a script, it’s about friendship, a wrong friendship, and I just got the inspiration, it’s making me very,very,very, gradeful……

    Thanks, my friends….

  59. That’s great that it’s got you writing! Keep reading as much as you can – that’s the best way to get inspiration for your writing. 🙂

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